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The Incomparable

Mr. Bunny Rabbit &

Captain Kangaroo

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Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Captain Kangaroo

Mr. Bunny Rabbit was a master at doing several things:

*   Tricking Captain Kangaroo out of his carrots

*   Getting Mr. Moose into all sorts of trouble

*   Getting away with something during the show

Mr. Bunny Rabbit never did say anything, but always
seemed to make his point perfectly clear.

Mr. Bunny Rabbit was a hand puppet on the Captain Kangaroo
show, but to us children who watched, it never occurred to us
that he was anything less than a real rabbit.

The main jist of his existence on the show seemed to be
to trick the Captain into giving him the carrots that were

found in those big pockets of his coat. Mr. Bunny Rabbit
seemed to be a master at concocting all sorts of schemes
to accomplish this feat, much to the viewer's delight.

Then Captain Kangaroo would scold Bunny Rabbit for
eating so many carrots.

Although many a mother would tell their children to eat
their carrots because "you never see a rabbit wearing glasses".....
yet, you had to wonder why if eating carrots was so good
for you, why did Mr. Bunny Rabbit wear glasses?

The Mr. Bunny Rabbit puppet was manipulated by Cosmo
"Gus" Allegretti. Allegretti also created and performed
several of the show's other better-known puppet characters.

He was also the actor portraying the Dancing Bear and

Grandfather Clock characters

Captain Kangaroo Show Cast

Captain Kangaroo:  Bob Keeshan
Mr. Green Jeans:  Hugh Brannum
Debbie:  Deborah Weems
Dennis:  Cosmo Allegretti
Mr. Baxter:  James E. Wall
Banana Man:  A. Robbins
Orville the Dragon:  Terry Kelly

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