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A few tips for Buying a Horse Farm
Gabriel Adams

A horse farm is probably one of the most beautiful real estate
properties there is. As you drive up the drive, you're met with
a picturesque view: A red roofed white two story house with a
large red barn next to it, surrounded by immaculate board
fences and green pastures. Of course, there are several horses
staring over the fence at you, their coats gleaming in the

But aside from its looks, what makes a good horse farm? If
you're planning on buying or building a horse farm, here are a
few things to keep in mind.

The house

It might seem like an obvious thing, but be certain that if a
house is on the farm, that it will fulfill your needs for a
house. It wouldn't make sense to buy a farm and have to build a
new house.

The barn

Once again, make sure that the barn fits your needs. Two main
things you should consider are size and convenience. Does it
have enough space? Is it convenient to the house, the road or
driveway, and the pastures?

Water supply

Anther item to consider is water supply. If you have a drought,
an ample water supply could be the difference between your farm
going under or surviving. Ideally, you should have at least two
sources of water a well and a creek, for example. Be sure that
you have pipes carrying the water to key locations, such as the
water trough and the barn.

The pastures

How much pasture does the farm have? Is it steep? Is it good
quality? Would any of it be suitable for hay fields? All of
these are questions you should ask yourself.

Of course, these factors are only the very basics. Before
buying a horse farm, you should take many factors into
consideration to ensure that not only are you getting what you
need, but you're also making a sound financial decision.

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