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Attractive Alternatives for a Cat Litter Box
By: Alfred

Cat owners love their cats but they may not always want the
cat's toilet essentially to be on display in their home. The
cat litter boxes that you generally see are made of plastic
and are essentially a tray. Some come with covers, and there
are the automatic cat litter boxes, but with all of them it
is quite obvious that there is a cat toilet in the room.

But thankfully there are solutions for essentially hiding
your cat litter box from the eyes of your guests that can
match your furniture and be convenient to you and your cat.

There are several versions of furniture designed to house
your cat litter box. Most are indeed wooden boxes with a
hole in the door for your cat to go through and a door for
you to pull out the cat litter when you need to clean it.
Some even have convenient sliding bottoms that slide out to
you when it is cleaning time.

Most of these wooden boxes look like low end tables made of
wood, and come in all kinds of colors and stains so that you
can match the furniture that you do have. Some are even
constructed around a specific model of cat litter box so the
fit is perfect for the cat and the cat litter box. Still
others have fancy scroll work and screens so that you can
view your cat while it is on the litter box. Most are
finished on the outside and the inside to protect the wood.
Some are designed to resemble a bathroom cabinet; complete
with towel bars on the sides, and nice if you keep your
litter box in a bathroom.

If you use such a furniture litter box cover, it is a good
idea to keep a secondary box elsewhere in your home, and
when you when you clean the cat litter cubby, clean out the
entirety of the box with some natural wood cleaner or spray
cleaner and air it out for some time. Wood has a tendency to
take on the smells that are stored in it and the last thing
you want is for your cat litter cubby to start smelling like
cat urine.

So for those that want the cat litter box stored away but
convenient to your cat this is a good option, if your cat
doesn't mind using its cat litter box in an enclosed space.
Now you can have an attractive alternative that may even
become an art space, while your cat can use the handy litter
cubby for its waste.

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