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You can Quickly and efficiently clean out
your cat's litter box with our Cat Litter Box Scoops
that will help keep your Cats Litter Box clean and smelling fresh

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More Information on the Litter Box Scoop

Most litter box scoops are a form of sifter with an
easy to grip handle. These are used to sift through cat
litter to remove your cat's waste and make it easier to
clean the litter without having to throw it all away at
each cleaning.

Keep in mind when buying a litter box scoop that you
need it to be big enough to do the job but not so big
that it is hard to handle or maneuver within the cat
litter box.

It has become very popular to get mechanical litter
boxes that will automatically scoop up any waste that
your cat deposits in the litter box. This totally
eliminates the need for a cat litter scoop, at least
until something goes wrong with the mechanism.

These scoops are especially important if you want to be
sure to keep yourself away from any harmful bacteria
and waste. Litter box scoops come in all shapes and
sizes but most are made from plastic and look like a
dust pan with vertical slots in the basket for litter
to fall through.

You do not want to touch waste with your own hands and
that is where the cat litter box scoop comes into play.
The cat litter scoop keeps you a safe distance away
from the waste and with regular sifting you can greatly
extend the life of your cat litter.

It is important that you sift through the cat litter
for waste every day. This keeps the cat litter hygienic
and your cat will not track out its own waste. It will
also cut down on odor that may come from overused cat

Be sure and buy a cat litter scoop that can handle the
job. Some cat litter scoops are made flimsy and will
break easily if any pressure is put on the basket. Test
the scoop before you buy it. You can do this by
pressing on the base. It should only give a little. If
it gives so that it bends when you press on it the
scoop likely will not do its job properly and will
possibly make an even bigger mess.

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