Really Fun for Cats to Climb on .... Durable Cat Trees

The cat tree is not only a place for your cats to play.
It is also a place for your cats to rest, climb and
scratch their nails. Cats are mainly nocturnal and they
will play at night. Whether this means running madly
around the house and climbing your furniture or
climbing and playing on a convenient cat tree is really
up to you.

A cat tree is specifically developed to have multiple
cubbies, landings and perches for your cat to climb and
lay on. Some even come with limbs that stretch across
the room for your cat to balance and climb across.

They are usually made of wood that is covered in a
tough fabric like carpet. This way your cat has a place
to scratch on as well. Some cat trees also come with
cat toys that can be strategically placed to provide fun
and enjoyment for your cat.

Cat trees are not the only furniture that your cat can
have courtesy of you, there are cat condos, cat houses,
cat gyms, cat beds, etcetera. Each one is designed to
pamper your cat and make it feel more comfortable.

Cat trees provide a valuable alternative for your cat
to play on rather than other furniture in your home. If
you don't want your cat climbing bookcases and knocking
over precious items or climbing up your curtains, then
a cat tree is a great compromise. This may not stop all
the exploration but it will curtail it when your cat is
most energetic and is apt to get into something it

If you cat seems wary of the cat tree try rubbing some
catnip on the tree and this provides an extra scent
that your cat will be attracted to. Cats are not known
for liking change or new things, so getting your cat to
use the cat tree can be a challenge without other aids.
Just keep encouraging the cat to use the cat tree by,
if you see it climbing where it shouldn't, taking the
cat and putting it on the tree with a new or favorite
toy, until it gets the point.

If you must you can use a water squirt gun to stop the
unwanted climbing on furniture and gradually re-train
your cat's mind to use the cat tree only. After all
that is the only place where nothing bad like being
squirted with water happens. This type of training may
seem harsh but in the end you are doing your cat a
favor by teaching it to use the safe and enjoyable cat
tree, and saving yourself a lot of money in repairs and
replacement of breakables.

Every cat wants a cat tree to lounge or play on.
Here you'll find the perfect cat tree for both playtime and naptime.

These cozy Cat Trees will help keep
your precious kitty warm and contented

The Cat Trees make Great gifts for
cat and kitten lovers or.....
as a special treat for you and your kitty.

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