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A Beginner's Primer

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Grooming Cats

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How to Groom a Cat
By: Alfred

You wouldn't think that you would need to groom your cats
considering that they bathe themselves all the time. But
that just isn't true. In order to help your cat stay healthy
and be clean you will need to groom it regularly. Regular
grooming also helps to keep the loose hair from collecting
in the cat's digestive system and causing hairballs.

Some cats take better to being groomed by humans than
others. You want to establish a grooming routine as soon as
you can, preferably right after the cat is weaned. Any
sooner and the mother cat will not like it, but the earlier
you start the easier it will be for you when the cat is

First, get all of your cat grooming supplies together for the job of
grooming your cat.

Here is a list of what you might need:

- Scissors
- Pet Shampoo
- Nail Trimmer
- Cat Flea Comb or Brush
- Towel
- Gloves
- Apron
- Cat Treats to keep the cat calmer

Grooming your cat involves these different aspects:

- Bathing
- Drying
- Clipping of Hair
- Clipping of Nails (if needed)
- Brushing Teeth
- Brushing Hair

The last, brushing your cat's hair, needs to be done once a week.
The other grooming needs should be done once a month or when
you feel that your cat needs it.

Understand that your cat does do an admirable job of keeping
itself clean. But there is only so much that they can do.
This is especially true for the longhaired cats that need
special attention for their fur coats. A cat's digestive
system was never designed to handle all the hair from a long

While you are grooming your cat it is also a good time to
inspect your cat's health. Are the eyes dull or red? Is the
cat's fur dry? Is the skin oily or dry?

Keep an eye out for sores, cuts or swollen areas. A cat will
not always let you know that they have a problem and it is
up to you to catch any little problems with their health
before they become big problems.

Ever take your cat to get groomed? Most often it's
not a pleasant experience for you, the kitty, or
the groomer.

Most pet owners don't even bother taking kitty to
get a hair cut simply because of how it upsets the
cat. And, of course, upsetting the cat is not
a good thing to have happen around the house.....

Well, suppose there was an all natural and very
safe way to keep your little munckin from getting
all up tight and strung out?

Yes there is a very good answer and it's called
Mellow Out.

Try some the next time and everyone will have a
much better experience.

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