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My Cat won't use the Litter Box..... what can I do?

  • Cleanliness : It is very important to buy a attractive litter pan and keep it very clean so that cat is attracted to the pan easily.

  • Territory Marking : Most of the animals mark their territory of movement. Incase the litter pan is outside the territory, the cat may not go to the litter pan.

  • Privacy : That cat always prefers privacy at the time of attending its natures call. Hence it is most important to keep the tray in place where their is some privacy.

  • Health : If the cat is suffering from health problem it may find difficult to reach litter pan

Why does my cat not accept litter?

  • Cleanliness : It is most important to keep the litter clean by removing the clumps from the litter pan. So that cat is attracted to the litter

  • Odors: Cats prefer litter which have natural odor. Cat may not accept the litter having chemical or other additives smell. Try and Use natural clumping litter made of Bentonite.

  • Health: In case, cat is suffering from ill health it may find difficult to use the litter. So regular medical check-up is necessary.


How do I use my litter product easily?

  • Normally the litter layer should be about 2 to 3 inches thick in the tray. It may vary depending on the type of litter and size of the cat.

How do I eliminate odor problems from my litter box?

  • Remove the litter waste regularly. Preferable within 30 minutes of the use. Always use odor free natural clumping litter made of Bentonite such as PURA

I notice larger than normal clumps. Is there any reason for this?

  • Larger clumps can occur when you use inferior quality litter having less absorbency capacity. You can avoid this problem by using good litter manufactured from Bentonite having high absorbency.

Will the clumping litter harm my cat?

  • No, never Clumping Litter always helps the cat to keep itself clean. You only need to remove the clumped portion of the litter by scoop. Now more and more pet lover use clumping litter.

Will the litter dust harm my cat?

  • The litters manufactured by 100% natural Bentonite having strong particles do not form much dust

My conventional litter isn't controlling the odor, what can I do about it?

  • This problem differs from litter to litter. we advise you to use 100% natural litter made out of Bentonite to tackle this problem

What should I do when I want to switch over to other litter brands?

  • You should switch litters very slowly to prevent confusing your cat. First, mix one-third of the new litter with two-thirds of the old. As the cat gets used to the new litter, increase the amount of new litter and decrease the amount of the old. Once your cat is using more of the new litter, stop using the old litter completely.

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