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Diseases You Can Catch from Your Cat - Cat Scratch Disease
By: Alfred and TC Kitty Cat

Bacterial infections are the most common zoonotic diseases
that can be transferred from your cat to you or another
human. This type of disease is commonly referred to as Cat-
scratch Disease, Cat-scratch Fever or Bartonellosis. There
are twenty five thousand people diagnosed with cat-scratch
disease every year. The way this disease is transmitted is
through a cat scratch or bite from an infected cat. It is
suspected that fleas may also play a role in this disease.

People who have contracted Cat scratch disease experience

* Swollen lymph nodes (generally around the neck, face and
upper arms)
* Fever
* Headache
* Sore muscles
* Sore joints
* Fatigue
* Poor appetite

If you are a healthy adult, once you recover from Cat-
scratch Fever there will be no lasting effects, however it
is a long lived disease and it may take several months for
you to completely recover. People that have an already
compromised immune system will suffer more severe symptoms
and some may even die from it. Small children may have a
stronger or weaker reaction to the infection.

Cats that are healthy will sometimes become infected with
the bacteria that cause Cat-scratch Disease. Antibiotics
have proven to be infective against the bacteria in a cat.

Ways that you can help to prevent cat scratch disease in your home:

* Make sure that fleas are controlled in your home.
* Do not allow your cat outside.
* Do not allow children to play roughly with cats in
order to avoid their being scratched or bitten.
* Avoid getting scratched or bitten yourself.

Most Cat-scratch Disease cases are contracted from kittens.
Keep your kittens flea-free with nontoxic diatomaceous earth
dustings and play with them gently. Teach them not to bite
or scratch.

People with weak immune systems shouldn't be around cats.


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