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What you should

know about Preventing

Cat Scratch Fever

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Cat Scratch Disease: what you can do to prevent it from happening.
By: Alfred

We have several good articles on Cat Scratch Fever
you will find very knowledgeable. This article will
cover How You can Prevent Scratch Disease easily
by following these simple steps.

Again, if for any reason you might suspect you
have Cat Scratch Fever, contact your nearest
medical personnel immediately.

Contagiousness of Cat Scratch Fever:

Cat Scratch Disease will not transfer from human to human
contact. It will only develop if a person was scratched or
bitten by a cat or kitten that happened to be infected with
the flea-borne bacteria that cause Cat Scratch Disease.

Cat Scratch Fever can also be transferred if a cat or
kitten saliva comes into contact with an eye or broken skin.
Cases of Cat Scratch Disease can affect an entire family of
people but in such cases the family members were most likely
contaminated from the same infected source animal.

Once you contract Cat Scratch Disease in most cases you
develop immunity to the bacteria for the rest of your life.

Prevention of Cat Scratch Fever:

Cat Scratch Disease is not a serious illness and can be
managed. You do not have to get rid of your family cat or
kitten. The illness is rare and the illness itself when
contracted is mild. Here are a few tips that can help you
and your family prevent Cat Scratch Disease.

First, do not allow your children to play around stray
animals. Teach your children to avoid strays. This will
reduce their exposure to animals that may have contracted
the disease. Teach your children not to play roughly with
your cats or kittens. Rough play is often what makes kittens
or cats bite or scratch.


You should always wash your hands after having handled an
animal, even if you give your pet frequent regular baths.

If your child, family member or yourself gets a scratch or
bite from a cat or kitten, wash the area thoroughly with
soap and water and disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide
or a disinfecting agent. Lightly dry the area with a clean
towel, then place an antibiotic ointment on the wound and
cover with a Band-Aid to prevent infection.

Manage fleas in your household by chemical or natural means.
Cats get the bacteria that cause Cat Scratch Disease from
fleas. If you keep fleas out of your home or down to a
minimum your chance of infection reduces dramatically.

If you think that someone in your household has contracted
Cat Scratch Disease then take your cat to the veterinarian.
Remember that this disease can be managed and cured.

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