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What Causes

Cats Vomiting &

Cats Throwing Up?

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If your Cat Vomits, here's some possible reasons why.
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Vomiting and upchucking in kittens and cats can be caused by
many factors, or a combination of one or more of the possible
causes of vomiting listed below.

If you are in any doubt about the health of your kitten or cat,
we urge you to immediately take your cat or kitten to your vet.

Causes of Vomiting in Cats can include:

* Feeding a food that is not nutritionally balanced 
for the cat's age or breed.

* Cat is eating too quickly, perhaps because of the presence
of other pets or being fed in a busy, stressful area.

* Food is too cold, causing gastrointestinal upset.

* Food has been kept too long and spoiled; leftovers unfit
for humans are just as unfit for kitty.

* Hunger. This type of vomiting - usually of a yellow, frothy
consistency - can occur when your cat's stomach is empty.

* Vitamin B deficiency, commonly caused by poor quality
commercial foods, all red - meat diets, or stress.

* Eating grass, most likely due to empty stomach - possibly
from overeating, sometimes nutrient deficiency, or need for fiber.

* Poor teeth and gums, causing gulping of food.

* Hairballs

* Worms and intestinal parasites.

* FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract syndrome) possibly
caused by too much magnesium in diet or too much cereal.

* Constipation.

What is the Best Food for a Cat to Eat?
By: Alfred

Since I'm all Feline, I know for sure what tastes good and
what is also good for my feline shape so I can attract
all the good looking female kitties. .... Meow Meow.

I've tried many of the major brands of cat food, but honestly
folks, I will now eat only 1 brand of food. Simply because
I Look and Feel GREAT now that I'm eating a very nutritious
diet every day. All you tom cats out there take notice who
looks good and has a lot of getty up n' go.

PS: I never vomit either. I used to when I was eating that
junky store bought food that was full of fillers, but now
that I'm eating a high quality food, my stomach feels really good.

Find Out what makes Alfred such a Good Looking Cat

Here's my cousin, Panda who is also eating
the Life's Abundance cat food, and doing very well on
it as you can see. Panda literally Begs for her food
every day and won't live life without it.

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