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The Delightful

and Heavenly sound

of a Cat's Meow

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The Cat's Meow
By: Alfred

If you pay attention to your cat and how it communicates
with you, you will find that your relationship with your pet
will be much better. Attentive cat people develop a strong
bond with their pet cat over time, and the feeling appears
to be mutual. So be aware that the cat's meow is not just
for the cat. It is for you too.

Nearly every animal in the world communicates through sound,
and these sounds have specific meanings. They may not have
an in-depth, understandable meaning to other species, but to
their own kind those sounds are very understandable and
communicate many kinds of thoughts, feelings and warnings.

The domesticated pet, however, is different from other,
wilder animal species. For example, the domesticated cat or
dog accepts its owner as one of its own species (often as a
parent or surrogate parent). If the owner has children the
pet will adopt them as siblings or even its own child to be
loved and protected. It is because of this that a lot of
people unequivocally pronounce that their pet is not just a
pet, but a member of the family.

The more intelligent the pet, the stronger the bond with its
owners, and the harder it may work to communicate with them.

Cats are an excellent example of the bond that can develop
between humans and pets. Cats are highly independent and
able to care for themselves, but they are also often devoted
to their owners and bestow love and affection upon them.
Cats communicate through sound to their owners in multiple
ways and are quite able to make themselves understood even
though they are communicating with another species.

The classic "meow" that everyone has come to know and love
is a simple way for the cat to get attention. It can mean
many things, but usually it's at least an announcement that
the cat wants your attention. As you grow to know your cat
as an individual, you will learn to interpret its different

Purring is the sound that most cats use to express
pleasure. Usually a cat will purr if being brushed or petted
by its owner and even sometimes when rubbing against
inanimate objects. The hiss is a sound many cats make to
express displeasure or fear. The hiss is also used to
threaten other animals or people that the cat dislikes.

You will find, when you spend time with your cat, that it
sometimes uses different combinations of these sounds at
once. Don't be surprised if your cat purrs while you pet
it, then turns around and hisses at you. This may mean that
something disturbed the cat, it is over-stimulated and needs
for you to stop stroking it, or something frightened it.

Some people believe that cats are in tune with the spiritual
world and when appearing to hiss at nothing or apparently
nothing, they actually have perceived something eerie that
humans can't see. Doing this is normal cat behavior, but if
you have any concerns about your pet's mental or emotional
health, take it to your veterinarian to make sure your cat
has no unseen health issues.

Keep in mind, though, that usually more than one symptom
accompanies mental/emotional health problems in cats, such
as wetting the floor in odd places, roaming, or even
attacking its owners, so don't automatically assume that
your pet is having an emotional problem because it seems to
communicate with nothing that you can see. Aside from any
possible supernatural activity, your cat has much better
hearing and smell than you do, and it may be responding to
some sound or smell of which you are simply unaware.

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