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What are the Causes

of Constipation

in Cats?

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Does your kitty have Constipation? Here's some reasons why
By: Alfred and Little Cat A

Constipation is the common name for the condition when a cat
obviously has difficulty defecating. Causes of Constipation
in Cats can include diet problems, environmental factors, pain
when passing the stool, medications and/or obstructions.

Diet Problems

Diet problems are most frequently the cause of constipation in cats.
This can be because the cat has ingested bones, too much
hair or foreign objects. Poor quality food with a lot of
corn and other grain causes poor health in general on top of
frequent constipation and urinary tract infections, so this
is an area to investigate if your cat is often constipated.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors may include periods of
hospitalization, obesity and lack of exercise, and dirty
litter boxes that inspire the cat to hold its waste. Stress
can also lead to constipation. Cats do not like change and
often will become upset after a move or other household
change, causing physical symptoms as well. Lack of exercise
seems to be a major contributor to constipation since
exercise is what makes the intestines work properly.

Pain with Elimination

Pain when passing a stool occurs when there are mats around
the rear end and/or abscesses. Mats around the rear more
often occur in long haired cats but aren't unheard of with
short haired cats. Abscesses can occur when a cat has
fought with another cat, as a consequence of either from
being bitten or scratched. In any case the resulting abscess
makes it very painful for your cat to pass stool.


Medications that are prescribed to your cat can cause
constipation. You should check the list of side effects with
any medication you are giving your cat and be sure to keep
any eye on your cat for any such side effects.


Obstructions may include tumors and pelvic fractures that
didn't heal back correctly. These actually obstruct the gut
so that it can't work properly to move the feces through the
intestines. These will more often than not have to be taken
care of through surgery.


Obesity seems to play a significant role in constipation. Be
sure to control your cat's weight and diet so that
constipation doesn't become a frequent, painful problem for
your cat.

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