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Temperament of

Cesky Terrier Dogs


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The Charming Cesky Terrier Breed of Dog
Presented by Tippy & Alfred

The Cesky Terrier is a relatively young dog breed; it was
created in 1948 and is now a recognized breed with kennel
clubs worldwide. The breed is also known as the Bohemian

The breed was created by a breeder in Czechoslovakia,
Frantisek Horak, in a successful attempt to breed a hunting
terrier that was slimmer than his Scotch Terriers and had a
softer coat so it could more easily follow vermin into their

He also tried to breed a terrier that was less aggressive to
other dogs and so would hunt in packs. For this reason Cesky
Terriers are quieter and less active than other terriers,
and do okay in an apartment if they get regular daily long
walks. Nevertheless, the Cesky is still a good watchdog,
guard, tracker and hunter.

The foundation stock for the breed included the Scotch and
the Sealyham Terrier breeds, and possibly the Dandie Dinmont
as well. The Cesky looks quite a bit like the Sealyham
Terrier, with a long body, short legs, a long head, and
bushy eyebrows, mustache and beard.

Ceskys grow to ten to thirteen inches (twenty-five to
thirty-two centimeters) in height and in adulthood weigh
from thirteen to twenty-three pounds (six to ten kilograms).

The wavy coat is silky rather than wiry, and is colored
gray-blue with white, gray, tan or yellowish trim. Puppies
are born black and their color gradually changes over the
next two or three years, as they grow. Puppies need daily
grooming. Adult Ceskys need to be brushed at least twice a
week, and trimmed once a month.

Despite its milder-than-terrier temperament, the Cesky is
still highly intelligent and needs to be the companion of an
owner who knows how to socialize and train it in a positive
fashion, and to be the established leader.

Because they were bred to hunt in packs the Cesky Terrier
will not be happy in a kennel or left alone in the yard most
of the time. Although they need exercise and are not a "lap
dog," they are a sensitive breed and need to be a part of
the family and to be loved. They are excellent house dogs.

A well-trained Cesky is a great and devoted family pet that
will play with the children in the yard and still watch the
house attentively at night. An untrained and unsocialized
Cesky, like any terrier, will try to rule the house and will
chew up everything in reach.

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