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Scottish Terriers

Full of Character

& Charm

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Scottish Terrier - Like Napoleon, a Little Diehard
By: Tippy

The Scottish Terrier breed of dog is an alert, brave,
charming, hardy and lovable little dog that is full of
character. These dogs as puppies are friendly and playful
and later the dog matures into a dignified adult. Scottish
Terriers make very good watchdogs.

These dogs are stubborn by nature and need a firm, gentle
hand to guide them or they will become the ruler of the
house. The Scottish Terrier needs to be socialized well. You
need to be firm, gentle and confident with this dog when
correcting and training it as they are sensitive to tone. Be
consistent and follow through gently when you correct the
Scottish Terrier. Never be aggressive with this breed nor
play games like wrestling or tug of war or your dog may
later challenge other humans who haven't established
dominance over the dog.

These dogs have reliable temperaments and tend to be
intelligent, lively and proud. They like to dig, play ball
and go on walks. They have a tendency to be independent and
home loving. This breed has been described as "a big dog in
a small body that can go anywhere and do anything".

The Scottish Terrier makes a great household pet. Children
need to be taught how to properly treat this breed;
otherwise the dog will not be gentle with them. This dog
need to clearly know its place and the rules of the
household otherwise it can develop Small Dog Syndrome.

Small Dog Syndrome occurs when a dog is treated like a child
or a toy rather than as a dog. The dog then becomes insecure
because its instinct to follow a leader is not met, and the
dog tries to take over the household and fill the leadership
void. This can cause a wide range of bad behaviors to occur
but they can all be corrected when you train the dog as dogs
should be trained and so meet its canine emotion needs.

The Scottish Terrier can reach ten to eleven inches in
height and weigh between nineteen to twenty-three pounds.
These measurements are for both male and female and based on
healthy averages for this dog breed. They can live twelve to
fifteen years.

The Scottish Terrier is susceptible to flea allergy, jaw
problems, Scottie Cramp, skin problems and Von Willebrand's
. They also sometimes have trouble whelping. These
dogs are active and need to take a daily walk. Playing takes
care of a lot of their exercise needs. But they definitely
need to be taken on a daily walk to take care of their
physical and psychological instincts. They also enjoy
playing in a safe, secure fenced area.

This breed is an excellent apartment dweller and is
moderately active indoors. They do fine with a yard to play
in. They prefer cool climates to hot climates.

The coat of the Scottish Terrier is harsh and wiry. Brush it
a few times per week, and extra coat care should be given
when this dog is shedding. Bath or dry shampoo your Scottish
Terrier only when necessary. Scottish Terriers need to be
professionally trimmed about twice a year. The hair on the
body is usually left long like a skirt while the hair on the
face is brushed forward and lightly trimmed. This dog breed
sheds little to no hair.

Scottish Terriers

More Helpful Hints on Caring for Scottish Terriers
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Muscles, coat, and personality are the big three for
the Scottish Terrier. He is alert, lovable, but independent.

High quality protein dog food with good quality fat is essential
for this "hard coat" breed with it's wiry coat and
soft, thick undercoat.

Give a Scottish Terrier this Wholesome Dog Food

Treats for Scottish Terriers

Omega-3 fatty acids should be used to reduce the 
severe biting and scratching that all too often
plague this breed.

Because liver problems are common, add a small
amount of cooked liver to the food 3 times 
weekly for protection.

Lixotinic is a live tonic available through your
veterinarian for dogs that require concentrated
liver support nutrients.

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