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Chewing & Digging

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Bad Doggy Habits - Chewing
By: Tippy

Digging and Chewing are natural instinctive behaviors that
any dog is likely to exhibit. However, the chewing
and digging may become a destructive habit. One that may
cause problems for you. Dogs learn and grown in our homes as
pets. While growing they will explore their environment and
try new things. If there isn't another dog in the home with
good behaviors that your dog can model itself after, puppies
have a tendency to just learn habits that come naturally to
them, but not how to control or when to do the natural

Chewing is one of the most destructive habits that a dog can
develop. It is a natural instinct and the habit most likely
develops when the puppy is teething. There is an
overwhelming instinct to chew in order to loosen and
eventually lose the puppy teeth to make way for the adult
teeth that are coming in behind the puppy teeth.

Your first responsibility is to move tempting objects out of
the puppy's sight. Put your clothing, shoes, trash and such
in safe storage so that the dog won't be tempted by seeing
them. Don't give your puppy toys that are or look like
things you don't want it to chew, either. Avoid those cute
plush shoe toys, for example. That is too confusing for a

There is a way to treat the problem and maybe even prevent
the bad habit from developing in the first place. You can
use these basic tips to help housebreak your dog so that it
can live in your home and not destroy your property. Also,
when a dog is properly trained with your guidance it can
lead a happier, healthier life. You are the one that needs
to set an example since you are now the dog's pack leader.

Training your dog should start as early as possible; this
makes it possible to avoid problems in the future. That way
the dog will not learn bad habits that have to be untrained
and retrained again. Breaking a bad habit is much harder
than training the dog correctly in the first place.

The key is preventing the behavior so that it doesn't become
a habit. Tolerating the bad behavior because you don't have
time or energy to train your dog properly ends up with both
of you losing. One of the main reasons that the shelters are
overcrowded now is not because the dogs were bad dogs but
because the dogs had undisciplined owners. Any dog can be
trained with the right methods.

The most effective training technique is reward and
punishment. Not punishment in the terms that you may be
thinking of. It is never okay to yell in anger at or strike
your dog. Instead, you reward your dog when it does
something you want and when the dog does something you don't
want you correct the dog. You do this correction by using a
firm tone of voice and reiterating what you want the dog to

Training in this manner takes patience, commitment and
consistency. If you are unsure of how to train your dog in
this manner then there are ways that you can learn how to do
the training properly. There are many websites, books,
videos and professional trainers that can help.

When you can't watch your puppy of teething age, then
crating the puppy with chew toys, food and water is an
effective means of being sure that it doesn't mistake your
table leg for a chew toy. Remember, it is very hard to get
an idea out of your puppy's head once it has decided to do
something and has done it several times. Prevention is the
best cure.

If you puppy doesn't appear to be enjoying the chew toys
that you have given it then try some different ones. Chew
toys come in all shapes, sizes, textures and materials so
don't be shy. Try experimenting until you find the chew toys
that you dog just loves. Maybe your dog would like the toys
such as the "Kong" that will hold food and let the dog chew
or shake it out. Making sure that you get the right chew toy
will help your dog chew on the right thing and not your new
expensive shoes.

Warning!: In the global market it has been noted that
Chinese dogs are expiring at alarming rates because of their
treats and leather chew toys having an over abundance or
chemical X in them. It is recommended for now that you do
not buy anything edible from China for your dog, toys,
snacks, or dog food. Check the manufacturer's label on the
product and if it says "Made in China" don't buy it.

If you have a large dog, be sure not to buy a little chew
bone that can be broken up into small pieces and ingested.
Shards of bone can get lodged in the stomach and intestinal
tract, causing internal bleeding and a host of other
problems that will most likely require surgery to correct.

Be aware that the jaws of a dog are probably more powerful
than you think too. Dogs have chewed up and swallowed pieces
of empty food cans, and even kitchen knives that had meat
left on them!

If an adult dog has a serious problem with chewing the wrong
things, it may have an emotional problem. Perhaps it needs
more exercise and/or more one on one time with you. Take
your dog on daily walks even if you have a fenced yard for
it. Teach it to fetch a ball or Frisbee. Let it explore and
sniff the park paths.

Try getting your dog many toys, but giving it only a
selection of them at any one time. That way you can change
out the toys and the dog won't get bored with the same toys
every day. If the dog already has some bad chewing spots in
your home, cover those areas with a commercial anti-chew
product, heavy plastic, or aluminum foil. And if the dog
must be alone at home for long hours many days of the week,
consider either a good "doggie daycare" for at least a few
days per week, or get another dog to keep your dog company.

Remember that your puppy chews because of instinct, and your
adult dog chews because of anxiety or stress, so anger and
punishment will simply make the problem worse. Proper
training will fix just about any problem with any dog.

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