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the Chinese Crested

Breed of Dog

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How I would Care for a Chinese Crested
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Chinese Crested, a distinctive dog, are known
for their sweet personality. They can be hairless
(long legs, tassel of hair on the
head) or powder puff (full, fluffy hair).

Feed them a high quality high fat food.

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Food for your Chinese Crested Dog

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This dog loves the outdoors, so sunscreen and
daily antioxidants are important.

If skin problems occur, a fatty acid supplement and
a vegetable enzyme are possibly the solution.

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Treat with a Delicious Taste your dog will love

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Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Chinese Crested is a breed of dog that is hairless, and
it is still a very rare dog breed. They are cuddly, lively,
playful sweet dogs that are very loving. They are wonderful
with children and very affectionate towards them. But
children do need to be taught to take care with this breed;
they do injure easily because they are small and do not have
the protective covering of hair.

Chinese Crested dogs are very entertaining companions. They
are alert and intelligent and have the ability to perform
tricks. They are in general good with other pets. They are
not barkers. They tend to get very attached to their owners.
These dogs want to be with their humans all the time and
need constant consistent leadership.

The Chinese Crested has its origins in Africa and they were
once called "African Hairless Terriers." The ancient Aztecs
were known to use them as bed warmers and also actually ate
them. Chinese trade ships stopped along the African coast
and adopted the dogs to keep aboard to kill rats. The dog
breed was consequently renamed to "Chinese Crested" and that
is the breed's name even today.

This breed is very unusual and was first shown in the West
in 1885. Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous burlesque dancer, bred
Chinese Crested dogs. The AKC recognize the breed until 1991
as the Chinese Crested, the American breed club wasn't
established until 1979. The similar Mexican Hairless was
once a member of the AKC but is no longer.

In the United States and England the Chinese Crested is
gaining popularity as a cheerful companion dog. The breed is
often shown in rare dog breed shows. In the United States
only four hairless breeds are known today, they are the
Chinese Crested, Inca Hairless Dog, the Mexican Hairless and
the Peruvian Inca Orchid.

There are two different types of Chinese Crested, the
hairless variety and the Powder Puff. The Powder Puff
Chinese Crested has a long double coat of soft hair. The
hairless has no hair except on the feet, head and tail. Both
types come in a variety of colors and patterns. The skin of
the Hairless comes in a variety of colors ranging from pale
flesh color to black.

Chinese Crested dogs have a broad skull and long muzzle.
They have dark eyes and erect ears. In a single litter both
types can be born, as the Powder Puff is carried by all
Chinese Crested dogs and pups without it will die in the

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