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Clumber Spaniel

Health Care

and Feeding

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Clumber Spaniel - Just about the most Perfect Dog to have Around
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The Clumber Spaniel is a large gentle, intelligent,
pleasant, sweet dog that is easygoing and low key for a
hunting dog breed. They are affectionate, active, playful
and well behaved. Clumber Spaniels have no problem with
other household pets. In fact "Hakuna Matata" should be
their motto.

When a Clumber Spaniel isn't properly treated it can become
willful like any dog, but you can trust a Clumber Spaniel
with your children and family as they are gentle and

The clumber is named for Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire,
England. It is suspected that the name Clumber originated
from the name Clun, an ancient name for a local river.
Unsubstantiated records have stated that the Clumber Spaniel
is actually from France and was developed in 1768 by the
Dukes of Noailles. It was said that the Duke of Newcastle
took in the dogs during the French Revolution when the Duke
of Noailles transferred them to England to be close to his

Since then, the Clumber Spaniel has been favored by the
British monarchy and Clumbers have been owned by Prince
Albert, King George the V and Kind Edward VII and son. The
Clumber is said to have been perfected in the nineteenth
century and presented at its first dog show during that

Vintage paintings have depicted orange and white dogs that
look like Clumber Spaniels. These dogs have a smaller head
and less bone than today's Clumbers that are used for
hunting. The AKC recognized the breed in 1883 and the breed
arrived in Canada in 1848.

The Clumber Spaniel is a massive dog with a broad deep
chest. They have a broad square head that are wide across
the top. The ears are large and the shape of grape leaves,
and they hang forward and are well covered with hair. The
head has a deep stop and dark amber eyes that are somewhat
deep set. The nose is flesh-colored or brownish and the lips
are well developed. The flews hang over the lower jaw. The
muzzle is wide for ease of retrieving.

Clumbers have a heavy, thick neck that is feathered with fur
along the throat. The shoulders are muscular and robust. The
limbs are short, straight and strong boned. They have a
level back and the tail has a short fringe. Dewclaw removal
is optional.

The hair is silky, straight and thick in colors of lemon,
orange markings or pure white. The coat is usually mostly
white with lemon or orange markings. Old written
descriptions and early standards seem to prefer the lemon-
colored coat. The coat is feathery and the tails are often
docked in the West, but in European countries docking of
tails is illegal.

Nutrition that the Clumber Spaniel Breed of Dog should have.
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Clumber Spaniel bears little resemblance to a spaniel.

His tight, muscular body and long coat with flowing feathers
require an alternative food.

Top Notch Dog Food for Clumber Spaniels

Exercise is essential to keep him trim.

Tasty Treats for Clumber Spaniel Dogs

Clumber Spaniel Dog

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