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Coonhounds - Excellent at Hunting and Tracking Game
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Black and Tan Coonhound was created by crossing the
Bloodhound and the Foxhound. It is a breed that was
developed in the United States, where raccoons are common
and often hunted. The Black and Tan Coonhound is known for
its distinctive howls when treeing quarry and is an
excellent raccoon hunter. This dog breed has also been known
to successfully hunt bear, deer, elk, mountain lion, and
opossum, even through difficult terrain.

Coonhounds are hardy and can withstand intense heat and hard
winters. Some of the talents of the Coonhound include
agility, hunting, tracking and watching. The Black and Tan
Coonhound is a powerful, large working hound.

The Black and Tan Coonhound was officially recognized as a
breed by the AKC in 1945. They are well proportioned with a
fine modeled head. The top plane of the skull is almost
parallel to the top plane of the muzzle. Dogs that are
nervous or timid can be disqualified from exhibitions.

The Coonhound has pendant ears that fall in graceful folds
and a moderate stop. The eyes are dark brown or hazel and
round. The nostrils are black and wide. They have pendant
lips that are well developed and the teeth should come
together in a scissors bite.

The body length from withers to rump is the usually the same
if not a bit longer as the height from the withers. They
have a fairly level top line and the chest should reach down
to the elbows at least. The tail is strong and carried

The coat is short and sleek, with black and tan markings on
the chest, limbs and muzzle. The skin droops and is loosely
fitted with a lot of ear leather. The skin and ears give the
Black and Tan Coonhound a distinctive look.

The Coonhound is a good natured, intelligent, loyal, quick
to follow, companion and hunter. The Black and Tan Coonhound
is a wonderful family dog and great on the hunt. It is an
alert, dedicated, eager, passionate worker that loves its
job. They can cover vast amounts of ground with long
rhythmic strides.

These dogs are friendly and gentle around humans. They
listen to their master willingly, but when a Coonhound isn't
treated properly it can become aggressive, protective and
reserved with strangers. They may not do well with really
young children unless trained to do so but the Coonhound
does get along fine with older considerate kids.

Picture Coonhound

Providing your Coonhound with what it should have to Thrive On
Dr. Jane R. Bicks

Adored for his agility, power, and alertness, the
Coonhound is a gentle dog that just doesn't give up.

The Coonhound looks his best with well exercised muscles and
a shiny coat without dander or oil. Brewers yeast
and garlic are the perfect treats or supplements
for this dog; they give the skin and coat protein
and support nutrients while boosting the immune
systems to help prevent infections in his floppy ears.

A Coonhound with an oily coat may require additional vitamin E,
so you may as well supplement with a multi antioxidant
formula. If you're working the dog, L-carnitine and
taurine rich foods (wheat germ, torula yeast,
raw meat) make good sense.

These hounds have been common in America since colonial times.
Of American Foxhound type, it was created by 18th and 19th
century breeders who wanted a fast, hot-nosed dog. The Redbone
can work many different terrains and is a good water dog whose
bell-like voice ring out when they tree their quarry.

Today, it is known for speed and a cold nose, meaning that it
can follow an old trail. It stands 21 to 26 inches tall, and
a solid red color is preferred. Weekly grooming will keep the short,
smooth coat gleaming.

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