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Cranes - large birds

with long necks

and long legs


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A Primer on the Beautiful Cranes of North America

Cranes are similar to herons, which also have long legs and long necks,
but they are not closely related. Cranes fly with their necks fully
extended, whereas herons, once they have attained their full flight speed,
pull their heads back so that the neck is bent in an S-curve.

The only true North American cranes, are the sandhill crane and
whooping crane.

Members of the crane family include limpkins, rails, gallinules and coots.

Cranes are birds of open country, marshes, meadows, prairies, and

They feed on small animals and vegetable matter.

They are notable for their elaborate courtship dances, by which the
pair bond is established.

Picture of Cranes

Cranes belong to the family Gruidae of the order Gruiformes.

Types of North American Cranes Include:

Sandhill Crane
Whooping Crane

Closely related North American birds include:

American Coot
Black Rail
Clapper Rail
Common Moorhen
Corn Crake
King Rail
Purple Gallinule
Virginia Rail
Yellow Rail

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