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The Yellow Billed

and Black Billed



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Cuckoos are slender birds with rounded wings, curved upper
mandibles, and long tails, they abide mostly in woodlands.

Cuckoos are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Cuckoos are found in forest and brush feeding on caterpillars.

The most widely distributed species in North America are the
yellow-billed cuckoo and  the black-billed cuckoo.

Both are slender birds, about 12 inches long, with bronzy-brown
upperparts and whitish under parts; the tails of both have white spots
at the tip, those  of the yellow-billed cuckoo being larger.

They inhabit open woodlands, orchards, and streamside groves
and are strongly migratory.

Cuckoos build their nests in trees or thickets preferring the margin
of woods and orchards. Nests are made from sticks, roots, straw,
pine needles and lichen.

Other North American members of this family include anis, native
to tropical America, and  roadrunners.

Picture Cuckoo

Cuckoos make up the family Cuculidae.

Types of North American Cuckoos Include:

Black Billed Cuckoo
Mangrove Cuckoo
Smooth Billed Ani
Yellow Billed Cuckoo

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