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Dandie Dinmont

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier - Great for Pets
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Dandie Dinmont is an affectionate, bold, dignified, fun
loving, independent, intelligent, lively and plucky little
dog. They make wonderful companion dogs.

The dog is a terrier so it has inbred hunting instincts to
go after small animals and may be trouble with other small
pets like guinea pigs and hamsters. They will do okay with
cats if they are raised with them. Unlike some terriers,
they are not overly difficult to train, especially if you
are consistent and firm with them.

This old terrier breed is from the border between England
and Scotland. They were developed from crossing the Scotch
Terrier and the Skye Terrier. The Scotch Terrier that was
used is an extinct breed and shouldn't be confused with the
modern Scottish Terrier.

The Dandie Dinmont is a long dog that is longer than it is
tall. The head is solid and covered with a silky topknot.
The legs are short and strong. The tail is eight to ten
inches long and is thick at the base for about four inches
then tapers, and it is carried with an upward curve.

The head is large but not overly large and is still in good
proportion with the body. They have a strong forehead and a
defined stop. The pendant ears are three to four inches
(eight to ten centimeters) long and are wider at the base
and taper to a point. They have brilliant, lively hazel eyes
that do not protrude. The expression is gentle and wise. The
nose is black and the teeth come together in a scissors bite
and they are large for a dog of this size.

The Dandie Dinmont's coat is unique in that it is two inches
(five centimeters) long with a long crisp texture that
contains a mix of harsh and soft hair. The hair on the
underside of the body is softer than that of the top, and
the top of the head and upper ears is silkier and softer
than the rest of the coat. The breed's coat comes in only
two colors, mustard or pepper.

Mustard-coated puppies are dark brown when born and then
become lighter in varying shades of red as they become
adult. Puppies that will be the pepper color are born black
and tan and have a gene for silvering. Adult pepper-coated
Dandies colored very similarly to the salt and pepper
Schnauzer. The topknot for both colors is always silver or

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