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Peppy Pets Fun & Entertaining Pet E-letter
Dec. 15, 03

The story of a Chihuahua Dachshund mix named Tiddleewinks:

I got Tiddleewinks, Tiddles for short, when she was 3 years
old and I was 5. She was a Chihuahua/Dachshund. My parents
adopted her. This from a couple that abused her and didn't feed
her properly, she was so skinny she could squeeze through
the privacy fence they had and every time she did she was
beaten for it. My mom and Step-father picked her up after
one of my brother's football games, she was meant to be a
gift for him.

As soon as they got home the first thing Tiddles did was run
straight to me and she was my dog from there on out. I
fattened her up and got her nice and healthy. She followed
me everywhere, and everyone in the neighborhood loved her.
She was real protective of me as well. I remember when
Tiddles started following me to the bus stop and waited with
me until I left for school and when I came home from school
there she'd be at the bus stop waiting for me. This became a
routine for Tiddles and I.

Tiddles would also sleep in the bed with me, she either
slept on another pillow right next to my head or slept next
to me with her head on my neck. We moved when I was 10 to
another city and neighborhood. Tiddles didn't seem to mind
though, she kept her routine of waiting for the bus with me
and being there when I came home.

I didn't have a lot of friends throughout middle and high
school, but the one friend I could always count on was
Tiddles. She always knew when I was upset or hurting and
she would just sit and listen when I needed to talk.
Tiddles passed away right before I turned 16, she was 14. I
was lost without her, she was my best friend and always will
be. I still feel her presence every now and then although I
have moved from my parents home where she passed away, she
will always be with me no matter where I go.

By: Tara Lin Payne


My Sweet Missy Lou

We found the home of our dreams in the summer of 1999. By
November that year we had the house in the country that we
had always wanted. Unknowingly we would soon have the dog
of our dreams.

In mid-November of 1999 someone dumped a pitiful looking
lab-mix puppy at our driveway. We already had one dog.
Butchy has been with us since he was a tiny fellow, 8 years
ago. He was OURS and sure we were HIS and his alone. We
couldn't have another dog. The puppy in the drive had
severe mange and an eye infection and just didn't seem like
a "keeper". That sentiment lasted until the first day the
weather turned cold. On my way home from work I bought a
bale of straw and a bag of cheap dog food. When I got home
I called to my husband and told him what I had done. He
told me not to worry that he'd already built her a dog house
and fed her some of Butchys' food.

We named our stray Missy Lou and took her to the vet. The
infection in her eyes cleared up quickly with antibiotics
but the mange treatments lasted for 2 months! She was hit
by a car in December and nearly ripped her front leg off.
Another major trip to the vet. There is no such thing as a
"free dog" if you love them as we do. Butchy learned to
tolerate her.

By the summer of 2000 everything wrong with her was now
right and she was a beauty. She has a wonderful inner
beauty that matches the shine of her now mange free coat! I
tell Missy to sit pretty in the yard so that if the person
that so cruelly dumped her, nearly starving to death, drives
by they can see what they lost. She looks to the sky in
wonder as if to say she's so happy to be alive.

We are so happy to have this 100 pound baby. She became a
house dog when the mange and the smell of infections were
gone. She's a joy to us and has made me realize my reason
for being here. God put me at the end of this dirt road,
where I so want to be, to care for the strays that no one
else wants. Living here I have decided to never go looking
for a dog again. One will always come to me as my Sweet
Missy Lou did.

And now there are three.......


Lizzy's on an Early Play Schedule

LIZZY, my little 1 year old Cardigan Corgi at 1 or 2:00 am
"HEY!, HEY Dad!, I have to go out! NOW!" At 5:00 am, "Why
did you wake me? Go to work if you must but turn off that
light!". At 3:40pm, "Daddy!, Daddy!, Daddy!, pick me up!,
no!, rub my belly first and then pick me up!, Where have you
been? (kiss, kiss, kiss), hey! everybody, look who's home!"

At 4:00 pm "let's play on the bed! (muffled) I'm hiding
under my pillow, you have to find me" Then we have to play
with various toys, tug-o-war and fetch, which entails throw
the toy and "if you want it back you have to catch me!".
After dinner we have to set in my recliner and snuggle until
she falls asleep. 

We have 3 Corgis at home, 2 registered Cardigans, and 1
rescued Pembroke. We also have a 10 yr old yellow tomcat
with feline aids and a 2 yr. old polydactyl gray tiger
stripe named Binford, cause he won't stay off my tools! We
love them all! Thanks for the great tips and insight.

John N. Walker


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