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Bet you didn't know

all this about Rudolph

& the North Pole Reindeer


Peppy Pets - the Newsletter for Pet Information
Dec. 23, 02

How Rudolph the Reindeer came to Save Christmas Day
(An original poem by Tippy & Alfred)

One little reindeer with a cute bright red nose,
saved the big Christmas Day.
Santa was in a hurry that night as he threw on his clothes,
but the fog in the sky just got in his way.

The rest of the reindeer,
were restless and ready to fly.
When Mrs. Claus kissed Santa, the quant old dear,
but Santa shook his head as he looked up in the sky.

Blitzen and Comet, and Donder,
were a bit concerned you see,
and many yards yonder,
Prancer and Vixen were anxious to set free.

Santa's eight rugged reindeer had eaten their oats,
but the weather was nasty, the fog was just thick.
Mr. Claus even put on another heavy red coat,
when Rudolph said lets get going pretty quick.

But no one at the North Pole
had yet figured it out.
Then the elves called out the reindeer role,
which of the reindeer had the most clout.

Prancer thought he did,
Comet was coy.
Dasher was ready to put in his bid,
Donder thought he was a great big boy.

But only one reindeer would lead Santa that night,
his name was Rudolph the reindeer.
They all cheered and got ready for flight,
Rudolph stood out in front, saying No Fear!

The nose on his face glowed Bright Red,
and Santa's sleigh navigated the fog,
to all the world's children still in their bed,
that red glow even penetrated the smog.

Christmas was saved
Because of a red nose,
the rest of the reindeer raved,
then it started to snow.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer,
was now a big time hero.
Santa soon make it very clear,
when they touched back at ground zero.

From this time on,
until ever more,
Rudolph was agreed upon,
to lead the sleigh that was for sure.

Nor more laughing at his silly nose,
respect none of the other reindeer now had lack,
for this tiny reindeer had rose,
to finally be the lead in Santa's pack.


Hope you're all ready for the big day this week.
Let's see how much you know about Santa's reindeer:

Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer.

We all know Santa had 9 reindeer....BUT.....what was the
name of the other reindeer that no one ever talks about?

Your editors,
Tippy & Alfred

But first....Who delivers Christmas presents to pets?

Santa Paws.....of Course!

My Christmas Present last year was Ice
Mia (I was a good little girl !)

I'll never forget the day I met Ice. It was around October.
She was brought in by the vets friend where I work. A few
hours later I come in and found this adorable white little
kitten about 3 months old just sleeping. When she woke up I
played games with her and we were having so much fun.

The next time I was there I decided to hold her because i
heard kittens need a lot of love. She fell asleep in my
arms. The same thing kept happening with her over the next
month. During this time the vets friend brought in 2 other
little white kittens that were Ice's half brother and
sisters. They were named Ghost and Glacier.

I don't know why but Ice was always my favorite. I kept
begging my parents to let me take her home but the answer
was always no. It turns out the other two kittens got taken
home by two of the vet techs and Ice had to stay all alone.
I felt so bad for her.

It turns out that my parents surprised me with Ice as a
Christmas gift last year. Every since then she has brought
so much joy into my life and she is still really sweet.
She's now 6 and 1/2 months and I look forward to many happy
years being her owner.


I always tell my pets I love them. I have cats and every
morning I tell each one I love them. I think they've come to
expect it, because on the mornings that I sleep late, they
nudge my face and purr till I wake up and tell them I love
them. Then they leave me in peace for another hour of much
needed sleep.

Joan Radionoff


The "other" reindeer is.......

All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.

"Olive" the other reindeer.....grin and bear it.

Has anyone seen Squeaky?

My story is not dramatic, but hurts just the same. As of
today, I still have hope. September 13th 2006 was the last
time I saw Squeaky, my cat and healthy companion of 11
years. That afternoon he sat on my lap on the couch, but I
had to leave the house for a few minutes.

When I returned he had left through an opening I provide for
him. When he didn't return that night, it wasn't unusual
because he had done that occasionally in the past. However,
I did worry starting the evening of September 14th. Since
then I've done everything I can do and talked to many
people. I continue to pray every day for guidance and
perhaps something I haven't thought of. I love him very

I've had cats for 40 years and this is the first
disappearance I've experienced; it's very unnerving. Several
people have told me their cats have returned 2 or 3 months
later. I hope this happens to me. If someone has harmed him
and he won't be returning, I'd rather never know. It's
easier to believe he's just living somewhere else.


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