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The Peppy Pets Daily
December 27, 2002

Heartwarming Pet's Stories

For your reading enjoyment today, we've included several
stories our faithful readers have sent in about their pets.

Hope your day is going well and those tails are waggin and
the fleas aren't bitin!

Your editors,
Tippy & Alfred

PS: If you have any health problems or need to lose a little
weight, check out the bottom of this email, you will be pleasantly



My dog Lucy is a Miniature Schnauzer. She is 8 months old.
She is my baby. She has been so much fun and always
keeps my husband and I laughing.

Lucy is definitely a spoiled dog. She has tons of toys.
There are times when she'll pull them all out one by one
out of her toy basket. We don't have a very big house and so
when her toys are all over the place it's hard to walk around!

Lucy loves to sit on top of the couch and look out our living
room window. When she sees someone she knows pull
into our driveway she gets so excited. She loves people. It
doesn't matter if she knows them or not. She is a very lovable
She loves to be outside and loves to go for walks.

Lucy & Amy


Missy & Bobby

Missy is 5 1/2 years old. She is a fluffy, black and
white cat. She is very playful (like most cats are)
around string. She likes the out doors but for winter
she comes inside a lot. She doesn't like being picked up
a lot but now and again she'll jump onto your knee!
She is loveable and cuddly!

Bobby is about 1 1/2 years old. He is a mixture of
brown, black, a lighter brown and white. He is my pet
guinea pig. I got him as a surprise from my mom because
my rabbit (next paragraph) needed a friend! He is
meant to be twice his size but unfortunately he stopped
growing. He is hard to catch but when you finally do
calm him down he is wonderful to
clap and keep on your knee.

I also have more. A rabbit (rex), 2 chipmunks (star
and thunder), and a gerbil (snow-flake) but ill write
about them later (my fingers are sore!!) lol well bye bye!!

I'm getting my first dog called Molly and she is
a rescue dog!!!! and she is homeless so I'm giving her
a new home she is nine! and she didn't used to know
her name how to sit OR how to lie down but now she does
'cause I taught her!!!!!!!!! well thx for listening!!!!!
( I mean reading!!!) lol IM SOOOOOOOOO EXITED I'VE BEEN


What I Got For Christmas!

dear editor.. our four fur children.. Taz.. Kittie Boi.. Charlie and
Mama Katt had a wonderful Christmas ! they all received catnip
candy bars.. tiny.. furry toy mice.. kittie greens.. feline treats and a whole
lot of extra love on this special day !  t.c. (our fish) loves his new shrimp
pellets and hammie the hamster received new home additions to his
dwelling ! today was a time to spend with family and loved ones.. our
finned and four legged children ARE family also and receive much
love. hope you and yours had a very beautiful holiday and best
wishes in the new year.....Lisa


Please feel free to send us what your pet got for Christmas
this year.

Send here:

Hello my name is Yvonne and I just love your pet letters I
have 3 cats of my own here is my story.

My cat princess likes to just like eat spaghetti she is even
starting to use the human toilet and she is not doing to
bad. I think she is part human. When I give her some milk
she likes it in a little toy cup. I 'm training her almost a
month now to drink out of a straw.

All my friends get a big laugh then I even put doll cloths
on her. My silly cat really likes it then my cat snowflake
knows how to turn on the tv by stepping on the remote all
the time. All my cats like to drink out of the sink tap to
get their water. They like to go for walks. Snowflake is
really funny when she sits she crosses her legs. All my cats
like fruit and most vegetables if you saw my cats you would
think they could be human I even cut up there food for them
they are so spoiled they always get fed before me.

Now comes the last cat her name is Baby. She likes to go for
walks by me carrying her in my school bag. Sometimes when I
ride my bike she will sit right on my shoulders. I think
that cat thinks she is a bird.

Right now I have a unwanted mouse that is in my house and my
silly cats don't even care. The mouse has being here for a
month so I guess it is part of my family. THANKS FOR ALL
Hope you like my cat story keep the letters coming I really enjoy.

From Yvonne Murray pet lover

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