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Peppy Pets
Dec. 30, 04

Bogie & Bacall, my Black Lab and my Alarm Clock Kitty
Kathy Bray

My cat, Bacall, is now l4 years old. She was a stray that
wandered into the Blue Shield of CA. field where I worked.
She was 4 weeks old, starving and thin. I took her home and
introduced her to our Black Labrador Retriever named Bogie -
thus the name Bacall. She thrived and Bogie took good care
of her. They slept on my bed each night.

I allowed her to have one set of kittens and then had her
fixed. I noticed something very early on regarding Bacall.
She would go into the shower and "howl" like a dog until I
would get out of bed. She seemed to know when it was time
for me to get up and go to work. Some of those hours have
changed over the years, but she still knows when I should
get up and goes into the shower each morning. Her "howl"
echoes in the shower and I thought it was rather unique she
would think of this.

She is becoming a little frail at this point and I can't
even begin to think of losing her, although someday it will

She has been such a delight and joy for me over the years,
but she sometimes has a hard time tolerating the 4 other
strays I have taken in over the years. However, she is the
only one who "howls" in the shower.

She gives me so much love and I never mind that she "howls"
in the shower. The other cats just ignore her, but she is my
alarm clock.


Thank You

Tippy & Alfred wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank You
to all their fellow furry friends and to the Great folks who
are their human companions.

Without all of you, we wouldn't have a newsletter or web site.
We really appreciate your patronage and for the fact that you
are such a caring and loyal pet owner and take so good care
of your friends.

That makes us happy to know you are helping the world be
a better place with your love and care for pets.

So we are wishing for you a most prosperous coming new
year and an exceptionally good one for your pets too.

Your furry friends,
Tippy & Alfred and all the other critters at Pet Care Tips

PS: Remember, you are always welcome to view any
page on our extensive site about pet care. We have over 2,000
pages on pet stuff for your viewing pleasure.

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There's also some pictures of Tippy, Alfred and some of the
other furry companions on the above page you might like to
look at.


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I first got Mistiee on June seventeenth 2003 when I got her
she was a wee little thing but since then she has grown a
lot. I made a new friend her name is Angel. And we also got
her sister and her name is Precuse and since then we now
have total of 12 cats living in our home. Half of them are
kittens and we are giving them away for free.

I usually don't do this but after reading the woman's story
about the little kitten she rescued I just had to put my 2
cents worth in. I have 3 cats (Max, Scooter and
Vanity) Vanity is the lady of the house (she keeps the boys
busy. She is also Dad's little girl. She will wait until I
get home from work for me in my bedroom usually next to or
on the bed. The boys will wait by the door until I come in
they are just wonderful.

My roommate/best friend and I went on a 7 day cruise
recently after we got back the "kids" have been wanting to
stay very close to both of us. I cannot think of how my
life would be without the "kids" they have provided endless
hours of entertainment and company. Please keep the stories
about people and their "kids" coming they are a great way to
share experiences.


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Hi my name is Sassafrass, and I am a cat of many colors.
My mom has several medical problems but for one of them I'm
very important to her. I help her to remember things and
we play games of hide and seek. Since she lives alone with
me she needs me to help keep her warm so I get next to her
on the bed and just snuggle in.

I know that she loves me because she will bring treats home
to me. I make her laugh with my old age funnies like
chasing the light from the flashlight. Oh how she loves
that! I get tired though very easily though. I've lost a
couple of teeth and she has too so we know how each other
feels. I am so glad that God brought her to me. Thank you,
Sassafrass (tabby) & pet parent Lois Lange

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