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Symptoms & Prevention of Ear Mites in Pet Rabbits

Ear Mites in Pet Rabbits are commonly caused by the
parasite psoroptes cuniculi. These ear mites irritate the lining
of the rabbit's ear. This causes serum and thick crusts to accumulate.

Symptoms of Ear Mites in Rabbits Include:

* accumulation of light brown crusty material in the ear canal
* head shaking
* ear flapping
* irritated ear tissue
* scartching of the ears
* head tilting
* eye spasms

Prevention of Ear Mites in Rabbits

Prevention of an ear mite infestation in pet rabbits starts with
clean ears.

We highly recommend using a professional ear cleaning
solution that will safely remove all dirt and foreign material in the ear.

Our recommended product of choice is:

Pet Rabbit Ear Cleaner Found Here

The rabbit's ear should then be treated with any of the miticides
approved for use in dogs and cats which can be found at your
local veterinarian or pet supply store.

The medication should be applied within the ear and down the side
of the head and neck as well. Application should be repeated
every other day for 6-10 days; additional treatments may be

Hutches should be carefully cleaned and disinfected.

Once you have eliminated ear mites from your pet rabbit, they
should not occur unless the rabbit is exposed to another animal
with them.

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