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The Energizer Bunny

vs. the Duracell Bunnies

who will Win?

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The Energizer Bunny star of over 100 Commercials,
Takes on the Duracell Bunny

He just keeps going and going and going.

The Energizer Bunny wearing his cool sunglasses and beach sandals
while beating on his drum, never runs down.

The Energizer Bunny's secret is that he was powered by Energizer

The Energizer Bunny is the marketing icon and mascot of Energizer
batteries. The bunny has been appearing in television commercials
since 1989. His original appearance on television was to help
Eveready Batteries introduce their new Energizer batteries.

The Energizer Bunny only appears in the United States,
due to the rival Duracell Bunny (see below) that is used in Europe.

The American Energizer commercials began originally as a parody
of a long-running TV advertisement for rival Duracell. In the Duracell
ad, a set of drum-playing mechanical rabbits gradually slow to a halt
until only the rabbit powered by a Duracell battery remains active.
In Energizer's take-off, the Energizer Bunny then enters the screen
beating a huge bass drum, and occasionally swinging the mallet over
his head.

The Energizer Bunny has appeared in over 100 commercial spots
sometimes co-starring with such celebrities as Elvis, Darth Vadar,
the Wicked Witch and Wile E. Coyote

He has made special guest appearances on ABC's Wide World of
Sports, the David Letterman Show, Cheers, The Emmy Awards
and The Tonight Show.

The Duracell Bunnies

A Duracell Bunny is any of several pink rabbits powered by batteries,
used to promote Duracell brand batteries. In commercial advertisements,
the Duracell Bunny is actually only one of these rabbits, powered
by a Duracell battery rather than rival batteries. The point of the
advertisement is that the bunny powered by a Duracell battery can
continue functioning for a longer amount of time before its battery
runs down.

The advertisements usually feature the bunnies competing in some
way, for example a game of soccer or a race.

The Duracell bunny commercials appeared before the Energizer Bunny.

There are differences in appearance - the Energizer bunny wears
sunglasses, has larger ears, is a different shade of pink and has a
different body shape. Also, while the Energizer bunny is a single rabbit,
the Duracell bunnies are a species. The Energizer bunny is always
depicted with a drum, as the Duracell bunny toys that it is a parody
of had drums, but the actual Duracell bunny advertising campaign
has moved beyond this, and Duracell bunnies are usually depicted as
doing something other then beating a drum.

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