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English Setter Dogs


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Would an English Setter dog be a Good Pet for my Family?
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The English Setter is a quick, quiet, vigorous worker with
an excellent nose. The coat of the dog will keep it
comfortable in both cold and hot weather. They have a very
sweet personality and they are very gentle, making them
ideal as a family companion, especially for families with
children. The English Setter's talents are agility, hunting,
pointing, retrieving, tracking and watchdog.

The male dog can reach between twenty-four and twenty-seven
inches (sixty-one and sixty-nine centimeters) in height and
weigh between fifty-five and eighty pounds (twenty-five to
thirty-six kilograms). The female dog can reach twenty-three
to twenty-six inches (fifty-nine to sixty-six centimeters)
in height and weigh between forty-five and seventy pounds
(twenty to thirty-two kilograms). These measurements are
based on healthy measurements of this dog breed. These dogs
live on average ten to twelve years.

The English Setter does not do well in apartment living.
They do best in a home with an average sized yard. However,
be sure that the yard has tall fencing that is buried in the
ground somewhat. English Setters like to roam and will dig
or jump over obstructions like a fence if care isn't taken
to keep them penned properly.

All English Setters need a long brisk walk or jog daily. It
is recommended that this dog be trained to obey leash laws
and proper etiquette when on the leash. They should be made
to heel next to their master so that they do not take it
into their heads that they are master. In a safe area the
English Setter can be let off the leash. And they enjoy
romping in the safety of a fenced backyard.

The coat of the English Setter is flat, medium length and
soft and needs regular combing and brushing. When brushing
it is important to remove any burrs or tangles from the fur.
And more attention should be paid to the dog when it is
shedding. This breed is an average shedder.

Give the dog a bath or dry shampoo only when necessary. The
hair should be trimmed around the feet and the nails should
be clipped regularly.

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