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Grooming and Feeding

the English Setter Dog

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Caring for your English Setter Dog

Grooming English Setters are fairly easy to groom. They are
medium shedders that need a good brushing and combing
several times a week to keep their coat in shape and prevent
mats. Some owners trim the hair on the feet and tail if the
dog is running in heavy brush very often, and the pendant
ears should be checked regularly and carefully kept clean.

Health Problems: The English Setter has a tendency to gain
weight, so be sure to control the portions of food that you
give the dog as well as refrain from giving the dog table
scraps or snacks. English Setters, like most large dogs, do
have a tendency toward hip dysplasia especially if the dog
is allowed to become overweight.

English Setter female dogs occasionally have a problem with
false pregnancies. Other disorders sometimes seen in English
Setters include cancer, thyroid problems, and deafness, but
this is in general a healthy and hardy breed.

Training with a meek owner they may become willful and
disobedient, but they do like to please their owners, so
reward-based obedience training should go well. Some
individual setters can be difficult to housebreak. English
Setters need rules, structure and training from an early age
in order to prevent bad habits from forming.

If you are an authoritative, calm, confident, consistent,
firm, patient owner then you will have no trouble with this
dog. Never treat this breed harshly as it is sensitive and
harsh training will create insecurities in the dog that will
develop into bad habits.

The English Setter thrives in a structured environment and
enjoys playing with other dogs. They make adequate
watchdogs. However, be sure to secure your backyard if you
allow them outside as they like to dig, jump and roam.

Both the hunting and show types of English Setter need
adequate exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. Having
a fenced yard for your English Setter to play in is

The English Setter can be quite vocal and if not discouraged
can become a nuisance barker. English Setters also do drool
but not obsessively like mastiff-type dogs.

English Setter Dog

Your English Setter will Thrive with the Right Diet
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Although the English Setter is very different from
the Irish Setter, this dog has similar nutritional

English Setter Pet Food

Bloat is a real consideration because they tend
to eat too fast and refuse to rest after eating.

How to Prevent Bloat in an English Setter

Besides the usual bloat precautions, wash two or
three large rocks and put them into the food dish
along with the food. Eating around the rocks can
slow down any dog.

Clams Homeopathic Remedy tablets, valerian, and
free feeding should be considered to quell some of
their excitement.

Exercise is a must, but no jumping before your setter
turns 2 years old.

Alfalfa added to the high quality diet he needs for
will ensure his antioxidant intake.

When he becomes too rambunctious, a natural calmer
such as valerian or honey will help.

Treats for English Setter dogs

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