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English Springer Spaniel

Food & Nutrition Needs

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Love and Care of the English Springer Spaniel Breed
Written with: Tippy & Alfred

Springer Spaniels need structure and rules that are made
clear to them. With meek owners that don't know how to be
the authority with a dog they can become destructive, and
may become obsessive barkers if left alone. They need the
security of being well trained and in their proper place in
the family, and a lot of physical and mental exercise.

The Springer Spaniel enjoys and needs a lot of exercise in
order to be happy. They should be taken on a long daily walk
or jog. It is important to use proper leash etiquette when
walking this dog and make it heel beside you while you are
jogging or walking.

English Springer Spaniels love water and will constantly get
themselves muddy and wet if they have the opportunity.
Usually they are good with other pets especially when raised
with them. Birds may be the only exception to the rule.

While they are going through their teenaged phase they will
need a lot of time and training. Some Springers are very
high energy and will need more exercise than others.

Every Springer Spaniel is intelligent. The Springer Spaniel
needs strong, consistent, structured, firm, patient, gentle,
wise guidance and training. They need to know that their
owner is the boss but not tyrant.

Some English Springer Spaniels have a problem with hip
This breed also has a problem with gaining weight
easily so be sure to control the dog's portions and do not
feed it table scraps. The breed may also have a problem with
PRA that affects the eyes and PFK which is a blood disorder.
Epilepsy and Heart Disease are also ailments that the dog
may develop.

There are two types of Springer Spaniels; bench and field.
The bench type tends to have less white in their coats than
the field. They have more hair and less energy than the
field type. The bench type conforms to show standards. The
field type are bred for field trial and hunting work.

English Springer Spaniel

Food and Nutrition that an English Springer Spaniel Deserves
Dr. Jane Bicks

Exercise, excitement, and love come to mind when I
think of the English Springer Spaniel.

While weight gain is usually not a problem, boredom is.

If their hyperactivity is too much for you, try
giving valerian or some Calms Homeopathic Remedy

A hollow bone with peanut butter inside or non - destructible
toys are necessary for them.

Free choice feeding of a high protein and fat food
is a good idea; a full stomach should help keep
your dog out of mischief while ensuring a beautiful coat.

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