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English Toy Terrier, or Manchester Terriers - High Spirited
By: Tippy & Alfred

The English Toy Terrier or Manchester Terrier is an alert,
cunning, devoted, discerning, faithful, high spirited,
intelligent, keen, lively, loyal, sporty, vigilant breed.
They are true terriers with the active and brave terrier
personality. English Toys are devoted to their masters and
learn quickly.

These dogs when properly trained do outstanding in agility
skills and catch as well as obedience trials. The English
Toy was originally nicknamed the Rat Terrier and was
originally called Black and Tan. They were developed as rat
hunters by John Hulme in Manchester, England.

The Manchester was considered to be the best vermin hunter
in its day. An English Toy by the name of Billy once killed
one hundred rats in only six minutes and thirteen seconds in
a contest. The original Manchester Terrier was from a cross
of the Black and Tan Terrier and the Whippet.

There are two types of Manchester or English Toy Terrier;
the standard and the toy. The toy variety became popular
during the reign of Queen Victoria when small dogs where the
rage. Some tiny dogs only weight two and a half pounds.

Today the Manchester is primarily a companion dog though it
can still be used as a rodent killer. But the popularity of
the breed has somewhat diminished presently even in the
dog's native country.

The English Toy is a compact small dog. The back slightly
arches showing their Whippet heritage. They have a short,
whip tail that tapers to a point. The coat colors come in
black and tan.

They have a long tapering head with v-shaped ears that must
be naturally erect in the toy variety. The eyes are almond
shaped, small, and dark. The nose is black and the teeth
should come together in a scissors bite.

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