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Manchester Terriers

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Manchester Terrier - the Loyal and Friendly Rat Catcher
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Manchester Terrier is an alert, agile, cunning, devoted,
discerning, eager to learn, loyal, high-spirited,
intelligent, lively, keen, powerful, sporty, vigilant dog.
They have a true Terrier personality in that they are
faithful and independent. They are wonderful friends to
their masters.

The Manchester Terrier learns quickly and likes to please
its master. These energetic dogs are very good at agility,
catch and obedience trials. They crave the attention of
their owners and need proper guidance and leadership.

The Toy Manchester Terrier stands at just ten to twelve
inches in height and weighs between six to eight pounds. In
Canada the top weight allowed for a Toy Manchester Terrier
is twelve pounds. The Standard Manchester Terrier reaches
fifteen to sixteen inches in height and weighs eighteen
pounds for the males and seventeen pounds for the females.
Manchester's can live fifteen or more years.

The breed is fairly healthy, but some breed lines of
Manchester Terriers are susceptible to Glaucoma. Others are
susceptible to Von Willebrand's disease, which is similar to
Hemophilia in humans. And sometimes when a Manchester
Terrier is left out in the sun for a long time "heat bumps"
can appear along the dog's back.

The Manchester Terrier does well in an apartment setting.
They are active dogs indoors and do fine with a yard to play
in. Manchester Terriers like warmer climates versus cold
climates, as their coat is not thick.

Dogs of this breed like to play and get plenty of exercise.
They also need a long daily walk to take care of their
physical and psychological needs. Manchester Terriers are
known to run very fast and to have the stamina to maintain
the speed for long periods, so a safe space in which to run
freely will make your dog happy.

They can run alongside a bicycle provided you build the dog
up to the speed over time so that it is used to running at
such speeds. These dogs like to chase, so do not let your
Manchester Terrier off the leash unless it is in a safe
enclosed area.

The Manchester Terrier has a black and tan coat that is
shiny and short and very easy to take care of. This breed
does really well with the elderly because they are easy to
care for. They shed averagely and the toy sheds very little
hair if any at all. Be sure to keep the claws short and
carefully clean the ear passages regularly. Your
veterinarian can advise you on the best way to do this.

Manchester Terrier

Dog Nutritionists Recommend these Special Dietary Additions
for Manchester Terriers

Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Manchester Terrier is a small, intelligent dog with
a body that could resemble a hound's. He is easy
to care for.

If you're feeding a supermarket food, add vegetable

Owners tend to make this streamlined dog too fat.
He needs portion controlled free feeding with
vegetable treats only.

Find out if your Manchester Terrier is overweight
or not with this easy to read online chart

Treats for Manchester Terriers

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