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Equestrian Endurance

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Equestrian Endurance
From Wikipedia,

In equestrian sport, "endurance" refers to long distance races
(often 100 miles) ridden by one horse-rider pair. The course is
set, and the athletes all start at the same time. Endurance races
were part of military history and also have a place in the
history of the American West. The Tevis Cup is a famous race from
the east to the west side of the Sierra Nevada.

It is an international sport and is governed at the international
level by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).

The Western States Trail Ride, popularly called The Tevis Cup is
a 100 mile endurance horse race. The event has been held annually
since 1955.

The race is held in the United States starting near the town of
Truckee, CA and ending at the fairgrounds in Auburn, CA.

Each rider who completes the 100 mile course within the 24 hour
limit and whose mount is judged "fit to continue" is awarded a
silver Completion Award Buckle.

The race is sanctioned by AERC, the American Endurance Ride

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