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False Pregnancy that develops in Female Cats
By: Alfred

It sometimes occurs that a female cat will suddenly develop
all of the symptoms of pregnancy but there are no kittens.
This is a fairly rare occurrence in cats but it does happen,
although this condition is more common in dogs than it is in

The first symptom of pregnancy in cats is that the breasts
become swollen and pink. In most informational books or
websites this symptom points to pregnancy. But if you are
sure that your cat hasn't gone into heat and there is no way
a male cat was around to impregnate your female cat, she may
have a false pregnancy.

This pseudo-pregnancy occurs because of one of two reasons.
One, that the cat's body has released eggs into her uterus.
This happens sometimes with no apparent reason and can be
caused by many different body functions.

No matter how knowledgeable humans become about a body's
functions there are still things that occur for unexplained
reasons. Perhaps there was retention of hormones in the fat
and the cat lost some weight, so releasing these hormones,
or some other cause, she still managed to drop eggs from her
ovaries into her uterus, causing false pregnancy.

The second cause of a false pregnancy can occur when a
female cat mates with a neutered male. More often than not
your female cat is in heat when this occurs, however,
because the male is a neuter there is no fertilization of
the eggs. Your female cat's body will release eggs as a
result of the mating and although they won't be fertilized
she may show signs of pregnancy because of the hormones
released when the eggs are dropped.

The way to be sure that your cat isn't pregnant is to take
your cat to the veterinarian. In most cases your
veterinarian, after a brief examination, can tell you if
your cat is pregnant or not. Pseudo-pregnancies usually fade
after a couple of weeks.

If your cat's breasts stay pink for weeks it is a good idea
to get your cat a checkup with the veterinarian. There can
be other physical conditions that are causing the breasts to
be swollen and pink.

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