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So you Believe your

Cat might be Pregnant?

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Signs of Pregnancy in Cats and initial Care of your
Pregnant Queen

By: Alfred

Whether you planned for your female cat to become pregnant
or it was an accident, you are going to need to know the
symptoms that go along with pregnancy and how to properly
deal with the pregnant female cat, nicknamed a "Queen". If
your female cat truly becomes pregnant after mating she will
show certain particular signs that she is pregnant.

Signs of pregnancy in a female cat/Queen:

- Color change of breasts, usually becoming pinker in color
- Heat cycles stop
- Increased appetite
- The cat becomes more loving and affectionate
- Willingly stays inside rather than asking to go outside
- Late in pregnancy the breasts will swell with milk
- Uterus will become distended and you will be able to
feel the individual kittens inside the womb later in

If the mating is successful you will have kittens in six
weeks. If this is your female cat's first mating do not
expect a large litter. Often for a first time queen the
female cat will only give birth to one to three kittens.
Larger litter sizes for a first time queen are quite rare.

Once you are sure that your female cat is pregnant you
should take her to the veterinarian for tests to be sure
that she truly is pregnant and to make sure that she has no
health issues. A female cat is not always really pregnant
when she exhibits signs of pregnancy. False pregnancies,
although rare, do happen.

Once your veterinarian confirms that your female cat is
pregnant you should feed her a nourishing diet as often as
she wants to eat. Her appetite will increase. Don't give
your cat any kind of supplements without first checking with
your veterinarian. Some people have overdosed their queens
with supplements resulting in serious health problems for
the queen and kittens.

Make sure to continue giving your female cat plenty of good,
nutritious food (see below) even after the queen gives birth. Because
she is still nursing the kittens and the main source of
nutrition is coming from the queen.

Dear Alfred,

"What would be a really nutritious food for my pregnant cat?"

Alfred Replies:

Thanks for asking a most important question. We have
the best answer to give you and it's one that your
pregnant cat will certainly find to be not only Wholesome,
but also to have a Succulent Taste.

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Here's a Great Food for Pregnant Cats

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