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Nermal, Bonkers Bobcat, Figaro, Sebastian,
Lucifer, Mr. Henderson, Snowball II


Nermal believes he is the world's cutest kitten and proudly
lets Garfield and the rest of the world know that.
Neraml often gets on Garfield's case about him being
older and not as good looking, which makes Garfield get
angry and often sends neremal via postal mail to Abu Dhabi!

Nermal first appeared September 03, 1979

Bonkers D. Bobcat

Bonkers D. Bobcat

Bonkers D. Bobcat is a character who likes to dedicate with
great enthusiasm to each thing he does, it doesn't matter what he
could be in each show. He can be a plumber, an astronaut, a
cowboy... he does all this in this cartoon. One of his problems
is his rival Grumbles, who wants to ruin the party in each
episode. But Bonkers has his two best friends, Jitters A. Dog and his
lovely neighbor Fawn Deer which help him in his problems.



Walt Disney's Pinocchio premiered February 7, 1940

A wooden puppet, Pinocchio, created by Geppetto is brought to
life by the Blue Fairy. He is lead astray by Honest John and his
companion Gideon. Honest John hands Pinocchio to a puppeteer
named Stromboli. Pinocchio is sent to Pleasure Island where
wicked boys turn into donkeys. He escapes Pleasure Island with
the assistance of his friend and conscience Jiminy Cricket. He
redeems himself by saving his father from the belly of Monstro
the whale. Pinocchio is rewarded by the Blue Fairy, she turns him
into a real boy and makes Jiminy an honorary conscience.

Geppetto's has two pets, Figaro the kitten and Cleo.
Figaro went on to appear in a war-savings advertisement "All
Together" in 1942 and then six Disney shorts, the first of
which, in 1943, was Figaro and Cleo. His final appearance was in
Pluto's Sweater (1949).



In the cartoon, "Josie and The P cats" Sebastian is
Alexandra's pet cat. Sebastian has been able to help Josie and the
gang escape from traps and bad guys.

However in the comics, it turns out that Sebastian is actually the
reincarnation of Alex and Alexandra Cabot's deceased uncle. This
particular uncle was prosecuted over 300 years ago for consorting
with witches. Alexandra quickly found that she could cast spells when
stroking Sebastian's back.

Sebastian is also the wonder cat. He gets the group out of all sorts
of trouble, by picking locks with his claws, stealing keys, or in
true cat fashion digging his claws into the bad guys heads.



This mean, sneaky cat belongs to the Evil Stepmother, Lady
Tremaine, in Disney's Cinderella. When he's not chasing mice or
being mean to Bruno, Lucifer does everything possible to make
Cinderella's life harder or more miserable than it already is.

The gang of mice are able to physically haunt the nooks and crannies of
Cinderella's house, finding the key that eventually releases Cinderella
from imprisonment in the attic. The mice are terrorized by Lucifer
in the same way that Cinderella is caught by her stepmother. At the
climax of the film, Lucifer prevents the mice
from getting the key to Cinderella.

The Dick Van Dyke Show Cast

Mr. Henderson

Mr. Henderson  is one of two pet cats seen on The Dick Van Dyke Show
which aired 1961-66. Mr. Henderson was the confidant
of Sally Rogers (Rose Marie), a single comedy writer who often
sat alone in her apartment stroking and talking to her cat about
her dream of finding that special man in her life. Sally's other
cat was called Mr. Diefenthaler

Sally keeps herself in constant turmoil about the lack of a real
man in her life. These woes are a running joke at the office. While
she waits for a real man, she settles for the company of her two
cats (Mr. Henderson and Mr. Diefenthaler) and her mamma's-boy boyfriend
(Herman Glimsher, whom she sometimes calls Woodrow).

Sorry we couldn't find a picture of Mr. Henderson anywhere, if you happen
to have one, please email it to us!

Snowball II

Snowball II

Snowball II is the scrappier, livelier replacement for the Simpson
family's first cat, Snowball I. Snowball II has been known to dance
upon a ball and perform minor tricks, almost never within the sights
of any family member.

She has a comfortably familiar relationship with Santa's Little Helper,
the Simpsons' pet greyhound. So comfortable, in fact, that the two of
them have been known to cuddle and pet one another when no one
is watching. Like her namesake, Snowball II enjoys yarn, petting
sessions and, as ever, coughing up large chunks of her own fur.

In the episode, Old Yeller Belly,  Bart's tree house is destroyed
and the Amish are called in to rebuild it. Because the Amish are
master electricians, Bart's new tree house catches fire at its grand
opening. Everyone makes it to safety, with the exception of Homer,
who is trapped.

He looks to the family dog for help, but Santa's Little Helper is a coward
and only saves himself. It's up to Snowball II to save Homer's life.

Snowball II is made a hero in Homer's eyes and Santa's Little Helper
is thrown out of the house.

The dog park is turned into a cat park and renamed for Snowball II.
Santa's Little Helper doesn't look very good in the eyes of his fellow
dogs either. Kent Brockman asks Homer about his cat and any other pets
he may have and Homer makes the bold statement that "I have no
dog." Bart and Lisa look to help Santa's Little Helper regain
his status as family dog.

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