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Growing from one to

three inches the

Fantail Goldfish

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Fantail Goldfish

The standard fancy type of goldfish is called a Fantail. They
have a dual-lobed tail, unlike their cousins the Commons or
Comets. Their fins can be different sizes, ranging from just an
inch or so, up to 3 inches or more in length (also known as

Picture Fantail Goldfish

Typical Fantails have paired fins, including anal fins, a single
dorsal fin, and a round pointed body shape. They can range in
color from Bronze (known as Chocolate), Orange, Red, Calico, and
mixes of the colors. The are the hardiest of the Fancy Goldfish,
growing up to 12 inches or more if given ample room and food.

They can be placed in outdoor ponds, but care should be given as
they will be outted by larger fish, such as Koi, during feeding
times. They also are slightly less tolerant of the cold than
their Koi cousins, but since they are cold-water fish, the can
stand temperatures down to 65 F with no problems.

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