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All about Farm Animals

Down on the farm you will find a menagerie of very
interesting animals, many of which make excellent pets
for the family.

Farmers and land owners not only keep farm animals for
purposes such as providing food and related products, but
they also keep farm animals simply for the enjoyment and
pleasure they bring.

Many farm animals have made the greatest of pets. Most
farm animals if properly taken care of and not abused
can become very affectionate and loving towards their
care keepers.

Enjoy yourself as you explore our site on All About Farm
Animals. Everything you find here is free for your use.
We are a family site and everything you view is safe for
your children to see also. In fact your children can find
a great deal of information about animals and pets that
can assist them with their school work, in this and other
sections of our web site.

We have owned a farm since 1977 and have raised quite a
different number of animals on the farm. Our two goats,
Annie and Daisy will be presenting these articles to you,
that is in between their grazing and nap times. Both Annie
and Daisy were bottle fed as kids and are frankly like
little puppy dogs and would follow their owners anywhere,
even in the house if they thought they could get away with it!

So have fun and if you like our site, please use our Tell A
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Thank you and may God continually Bless you, your family
and your pets.

Your friends, Annie and Daisy

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constantly adding new sections and fresh content.

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