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Keeping Pet Pigs

Keeping a pig as a pet can be a wonderful pet for your
family. The popularity of keeping pigs as pets is growing
as more and more folks find out what a delightful
pet pigs really do make.

Pigs are very smart animals and can be trained to do
a number of tricks, they can even be house trained.
Some animal trainers even consider pigs to be smarter
or easier to train than dogs and cats.

Pigs are affectionate and funny animals who can provide
their owners with a delightful time.

Keeping pigs as a pet does require the pet owner to
provide a decent amount of care and time, and pigs can
grow to be rather large animals, so space is a requirement.

We invite you to read on by selecting any link below
to find out more information about keeping pigs as a pet.

If you are wondering if a pig is the right pet for you,
then you will find here quality information which will
help make your decision easier.

If you already have pigs as a pet, then we hope your
knowledge will be increased and allow you to help
take better care of your pet pig.

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This section on Pet Pigs is brought to you by our
two pet Guinea Pigs Huey & Dewey

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We love our pet pig,
even though he may dig,
a hole in the ground,
which turns his feet very brown.

Piggies are fun
when out in the sun.
Playing all day,
till the night goes away.

Eating their chow,
like a big Jersey cow,
they love to eat corn,
for that they were born.

We give them the mash,
full of corn and some stash,
alfalfa and oats,
it's good for their coats.

Pleasure they give,
for that they will live,
pet piggies are smart,
they turn tricks into art.

Pigs are so cool,
they like even the pool,
wetting themselves out in the sun,
getting all tanned like a brown roasted bun.

Going to the fair,
but sporting not much hair,
pigs are all game,
and rarely go lame.

They are a children's delight,
and can stay up all the night,
pigs like to pounce around,
like a jolly fat clown.

I love my pet piggie,
it's a really big, biggie,
and someday I pray,
he'll like the new hay.

Intelligence is one of their traits,
my pet pig can even open our wire gates,
without even a struggle he gets it wide open,
the cows should stay in, I'm always a hopen.

Tippy and Alfred like our pig pet,
and you would too, we're willing to bet.
now this poem is all over,
cause the pigs are out in the clover.

From all the pets at Pet Care Tips:
Tippy, Alfred, T.C. Kitty, Little Cats A, B & C, Miss Patches Marie Kitty,
Shadow and Smokey, Petey Bird and Petunia, Annie & Daisy,
Ralph Turtle and Tommy Turtle, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Huey & Dewey.

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