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Pet Newsletter Online
Feb. 03, 03

Your Pet Pictures Online

Tippy & Alfred have a couple of pages up on the web
containing photos of our reader's Pet Pictures they sent in.

Surf on over here to see these Adorable Pet Pictures:
Pet Pictures Online Here

If you would like your pet picture put up on this site, then
send us their picture.

Please use jpeg format and send your pet picture as an attachment. We
do not have the right software to convert pictures to jpeg,
so it must be sent jpeg.


My 5 Cats: Spanky, Wheaters, Ashley, Chloe, Sidney

This is just a quick note on cats knowing their names. I
have 5 cats, and they each come to their own name/or
nickname. The first two, Spanky and Wheaters, are sisters
(they were supposed to be males, and were named after little
rascals, Spanky and Buckwheat [later changed to Wheaters].
They are black and white, Spanky mostly white, Wheaters
mostly black and both have all white, very long whiskers.
Spanky, aka known as Spankers, Roo, Spanker Roo, loves her
Crabby Patty treats, and heaven forbid you should run out.
Wheaters isn't much for playing, but purrs loudly and loves
to lick my hair, and the smell of Lady Stetson and Finess

Ashley, all black longer haired, came along next. She loves
this old battered mouse...nothing else will do. I sure hope
it lasts forever, ha ha. She also has a fondness for Crabby
Patty treats, and tuna. She also likes to drink out of
faucets, a trick she learned from Spanky.

The last two, Chloe mostly black with white dusting under
arms, talks constantly, answers me, loves to play fetch with
only certain foam rubber balls, which she'll bring to you
and set by your foot, and picked up from Ashley, [who learned
from Spanky], or drop in your lap if you ignore her; and
Sidney, a light brown tiger with the orangest, coldest,
wettest nose I have ever seen. Her favorite is a little
plastic ball with a jingle bell inside. She plays fetch
with this ball. They bring you the ball then either bat at
you, (Ahsley), or Chloe's "merow-merow", and Sidney'll claw
you to get your attention. They each come to their own
names, and will let you know if one of the others is locked
in some closet, or if one of them is sick. They are my
second set of "kids".


For the Betterment of Your Pets
By: Jane Bicks D.V.M.

The term "geriatric" refers to the age at which a dog's body
starts to show the effects of aging; a degenerative process that
begin years before any physical changes actually show.

A majority of small and medium breeds will start to show signs
of aging at the age of 8: arthritis, cataract formation, gray hairs,
slower metabolism, etc.

Large breeds start to show signs of aging much earlier, at 5 to
6 years: gray muzzles, early heart disease, arthritis, etc.

One of our goals is to slow down the degenerative changes,
keeping your dog healthier and happier long into his senior years.

To find out more about how you can help accomplish this,
listen to an online tape we have by Dr. Jane Bicks:

Go Here


Call the vet as soon as possible if your cat develops
puffiness or a lump under the skin


My name is Emma. But for 16 sweet, short years, I was just
"C.J.'s" mommy. Sixteen years ago I raised Yorkies. I had to
give it up because I got attached to the puppies & my heart
became troubled about selling puppies, unsure of what home
they were going to even though I did my best to interview
buyers. As a unexpected surprise, my sweet little Yorkie,
Krystle gave birth to one last litter. From the day she was
born, "C.J." tried to attach herself to me. I said no more,
as I had 13 dogs. Needless to say she won. She became so
dear to me, she took over the whole household. She was a
most unusual Yorkie. She never uttered one bark in 16 years.
She was sweet, timid, never hyper, never a puppy. She was
always like a old soul from the day she was born. She was
unusual, so special. Over the years, my Yorkies, her family,
passed on till one day there was just me & "C.J." She was
like my child. I loved her with all my heart & she gave me
her unconditional love, that only a pet can give to us.

We shared fun filled times & she was always there to kiss my
tears thru the bad times. Then she began to have some
medical problems. I took her for a routine teeth cleaning.
After the usual blood tests were done, our Vet of many years
said no, she can't have her teeth cleaned, it will kill her,
she has kidney failure. I had never come up against this
before so I was ignorant. I asked what could be done? He
said nothing. As he walked out of the room, I uttered the
words I didn't want to say. How long does she have? Without
even looking at me, as he walked out of the room, he said a
year, maybe. Take her home & give her what ever makes her
happy till her time comes. She will lose her appetite, then
she won't be able to eat, then it will be time. I took her
home, watched her slip away in front of my eyes I couldn't
just do nothing so I took her to another Vet for a second
opinion. By then, "C.J." was deaf & blind. He helped her,
even though there is no cure. Almost everything the other
Vet told me was wrong & I had been hurting, not helping my
baby. My little girl lived over 3 years past what the other
Vet had given her, thanks to the new Vet & God's Grace. She
became very dependent on me. If she couldn't smell me, she
would start racing around looking for me. She was always
beside me, on my lap or on my shoulder. I never went
anywhere without her. She slept by me every night, taking up
the whole bed, blankets & pillows.

Sadly, on January 18Th, 2009, at 4:44 PM my baby took her
last breath, I had to end my sweet girls life, every pet
owners worst nightmare to make that awful decision. Her
illness became too much, she could barely breath & her pain
was obvious. I had to rush her to the emergency. They did
some tests, I had to be sure there was nothing I could do. I
signed the papers, held her in my arms till it was over & a
few minutes more. I sobbed like a baby & for the first time
in 16 years, went home without my baby sitting on my lap as
I drove alone. Walking into that quiet house, not carrying
her was so sad. A light had gone out in my life. I was like
a water faucet, couldn't turn off the tears.

It is the hardest thing I have ever done, even though all I
hear is it was the right thing to do. I couldn't let my baby
suffer but it does not help my grief or my sense of loss.
I'm just Emma again, not "C.J.'s" mommy. I'm lost without
her. She will always be in my heart but it is little comfort
for not feeling her in my arms. I just keep reading, "The
RainBow Bridge." I want to believe in that with ALL my
heart, that my baby is in Heaven no matter what the nay
sayers say & that I will see her again & ALL my babies.

For anyone who has gone thru this or will go thru this, my
heart goes out to you. Hug your babies while you can. They
are a gift from God, His Angels to help us on this earth,
but sadly, only for a short time. Their little lives are
over so fast. My little girl was the perfect pet-friend for
me. I will miss her all the days of my life & cherish the
time I had with her & always be grateful she chose me. May
God Bless Her-Always.

Even though I was Blessed with 16 years, I still feel some
what cheated. I implore all pet owners to get very involved
in their beloved pets medical care. Ask many questions. Do
research on the Internet. If something doesn't feel right,
don't be afraid to seek a second or even third opinion. I
know it is costly, but it is worth it to. To know all the
details about your pet, to be able to make the best
decisions at the right time. I thank God I did. I just wish
I had done it sooner.

In Loving Memory Of "C.J." -Emma- Forever "C.J.'s" Mommy

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