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Testing on

Animals just when

will it ever Stop?

Peppy Pets
March 04, 04

Testing on animals by the big manufacturing companies
is an on going process where thousands of poor,
defenseless animals are tortured year after year.
The big companies don't want you to know what
they do. Testing on animals is behind "closed doors"
with security so that no unauthorized person gets
in to see the awful things that go on in their labs.

They seem to feel they need to test new products
on animals so they will be safe for humans. Which
they use to justify their cruelty. We call it
cruel with a capital C.

Testing on animals has to stop. Too many animals
are significantly tortured and we do not condone
this no matter what their PR reps may say.

Companies that are well known to do animal testing include
such big names as Proctor and Gamble, Ralston Purina,
Alpo, Nestle, Hills, Waltham. Remember Proctor and
Gamble are the money behind Iams and Eukanuba.

We boycott these companies. What you do is up to
you. We do suggest you do your own research and
find out the facts for yourself.

We also suggest feeding a pet food where the testing
of dog and cat food is done in an absolutely humane way
so that no animal is harmed in any way.

We fully believe in and know for certain the the
dog and cat food from Life's Abundance is of the
highest quality and that they refuse to harm a single
animal when their do their feeding trials.

Find out about this Remarkable Pet Food

We at Pet Care Tips are only concerned about
your pet and only want the very best for them.
And we want animal testing to stop.


Dear Friends,

To say I am horrified is a vast understatement! While being
acutely aware of companies that used animals for testing in
the eighties and early nineties, I had no idea that this
atrocity is still happening. The horror was only made
greater by the realization that I use many of these
products. Even dog food!!!! It is madness! NO MORE!! I
will be shopping tomorrow to replace the things I threw away
tonight, and I will have "the list" of offenders with me.

Thank you for enlightening me and countless others. I will
be sharing your information with every one I know.

God bless you,
Darlene Cates


Hi there: I cannot believe that these companies could be so
so so cruel to animals that could love you unconditionally.
They are God's gift to us to enjoy and love. I cannot
believe that they could be so cruel to these animals. It
really broke my heart and made me very angry that they would
do such things to these precious animals. God help them.

Just had to give my views on what I have just read that made
me sick to my stomach. I have a cat and love her so very
much she is only 2 years of age and her name is Dazy-g, she
is orange and white with beautiful big round eyes.

Joey Hyltun

Why is there not something more being done to try and
pressure these companies to stop the abuse. If enough people
wrote nasty letters or signed on a petition stating that all
these pet owners were going to boycott their products it
would hit them where it counts, in their wallet. Money
talks for these kind of people, if we stop buying their
products, it is going to hurt them if enough of us stick to

Would you be willing to put up a petition on your site , or
in your news letter so people could sign and forward to
these @*#&%^*@....... just a thought...

thx...... an outraged pet owner and pet supply consumer.....  please go check out this
site... it provides a free bowl of food to abused animals in
shelters just for going to the site and clicking on the
button... there is no cost to you... no obligation to buy
anything... you can go and click once per day to give one
free bowl of food to a shelter animal every day... I think
its a worthwhile program.....

Deborah Schanz

I just received your latest newsletter and I am shocked at
what I read. Why is the public letting this go on, and the
Humane Society, and other Government agencies that are
supposed to protect the lives of animals? Is there someone I
can contact to voice my opinion and help to put a stop to
this travesty? We have gone to war over human issues of
violence and oil, I think it's time we waged a war against
those that inflict pain and suffering on animals that can
not defend themselves at all. Thank you for sending this to
me, I am about to forward this to all my friends that have
pets of their own.
Victoria Emmons

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