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Feb. 24, 03

SHY my Totally Loving Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix
Amanda Wright

I loved the stories I read in the e-mail sent me they were
great. My puppy SHY came to us after the tragic lose of our
full blooded Collie named Charlie. Due to ignorant people
Charlie was found dead in our yard from possible poisoning.

If anyone has owned a Collie or Border Collie they are known
to be very loving and friendly dogs who just want attention.

I was very distraught after loosing Charlie and the fact
that I had only had him 6 months, that it was not long
before I had to find my new friend for my self and my kids.
I went to a shelter with intentions on bringing home a
Border Collie mix (my favorite dog breed) but they were all

By luck someone had posted my SHY on their board to give
away and I went straight to their home and got her. She is
now a very important part of our lives. She reminds me of my
childhood Border Collie named JINGLES who died at 17 years
old, which is great comfort. Some people say they can not
replace a lost dog so soon, but I did out of memory for
Charlie, we call SHY his little sister.

One thing special about Charlie is that my daughter named
him after Charlie from the movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven". I
believe that was a very fitting name. So Charlie keep watch
on us from up there!!!!! We love and miss you and SHY wishes
she could have met you!!!!!!!!!


Today's Hint on Taking Care of your Doggie: Dog Arthritis
By: Jane Bick's D.V.M.

Arthritis difficulties that Dogs have, how to take care of them.

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I live in the north so it gets very cold, way below zero
most of the winter. I noticed a small black dog begging kept
in a car parked on the side of my house. I found out who
owned this dog and found out she was moving in with her
mother but couldn't let the dog inside.

Being an animal lover and rescuer, I couldn't let this poor
thing live like that. I told her I would keep it in my
house till she found an apartment and could keep it herself.
Well she eventually took off without her dog, so I had
gained a new pet. I didn't want this dog and tried
everything I could not to get attached. I didn't want to get
hurt again by loosing an animal I loved. I thought I had
managed that pretty good, then someone poisoned him with
Decon. He went thru several weeks of terrible pain and
treatments, but managed to pull through. But because of
this, be got diabetes, cancer and became blind.

Needless to say, my heart couldn't stop but loving him. All
he went thru and he is the most happy and content dog I have
ever come across. He has to have insulin shots twice a day
and he takes them with a wagging tail and never so much as a
growl or cry. He plays with my cats and his toys just like
any normal dog. People cannot believe he is blind or sick.

I am in constant pain myself with arthritis and a bone
disease and was wallowing in self pity a lot. But once I
saw how he overcame all of this, he got me to see how
precious and enjoyable life can be, even with our
limitations. I love him dearly and would never trade this
time with him for anything. His zest for life has brought
me back to life. He is one in a million!!!

Georgia & her Black Pomeranian

A Sad Story about Tasha

Here is my sad story. In 1997 our Chocolate lab Tasha had to
be put down, she had breast cancer, and was only 4 years old.

We cried for days, then my husband looked in the paper for
Lab pup's, and there they were, 12 Chocolate pup's for sale.

So we made a trip to Kalamazoo Mich., quite a long trip just
to 'look' as my husband said. I didn't want a new pup just

I wanted to travel and be free of animal's for awhile, well
let me tell you, the minute we laid eye's on Kala, we fell in

She was the runt out of 12 Chocolate Lab's, so we picked her
out of the 12.And now she's 7. When she was 4 we noticed a
lump on her leg.

She had cancer, took her to Champaign Urbana to the best
University, she had 18 Radiation treatment's, and is now
cancer free.

Thank you Lord for our precious daughter Kala. Love and Gods
Blessings Sal & Kal & daddy Chuck

Sally Albert

Sushi is a caramel colored kitten 5 months old. Nobody
wanted him at birth because he was born with crippled front
paws. I fell in love and took him into our multi (four
other cats) cat home! When I took him for his first
vaccination the vet that I went to wanted to put him down at
once. I'm not ashamed to say that I really performed and
insisted that he give me back my little kitten who wasn't at
all stressed about his situation.

Sushi walks on what would be his wrists (His front paws are
crossed over his chest and are bent inwards) and although I
cried solidly for the first 2 days, I have never regretted
keeping him. He is our baby and when he wants something,
acts just like one, and gives a pathetic little squeak to
get our attention.

At other times he crouches down and waits for the other
kittens (only eight months old now) to pass by and attacks
them - they play wonderfully well with him and help him
groom himself because, although he tries hard with his
little crippled front paws, he is not really able to groom
his face etc.

A company in Cape Town is making a pair of "boots" for Sushi
which we will strap on when he is outside (under supervision
of course), so he can easily hop over roughish terrain! He
is an adorable little boy and jumps around flat-out like a

He is developing powerful back legs and can jump up onto
almost anything. I keep checking his wrists in case they
develop any sores, but so far, so good, there are no signs
that he is is any pain at all.

I believe that he suffers from a sort of Radial Hypoplasia
and the experts say that these animals do not live much
older than 5 years.

Whatever time he has in this world, he will be (always)
spoilt, loved and treated like the fantastic little guy he

Dee Shiels


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