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The Best Dog Gone

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Peppy Pets
Feb. 26, 04

For the Ultimate in Canine Cuisine......
Feed The Best for Pennies Less

Did you realize that for a very low quality food like
Alpo, it costs 59 cents a day to feed an average 50
pound dog. 67 cents a day for Purina Beneful and Purina One.
To feed Nutro Natural Choice or Science Diet Adult
Maintenance it costs 86 cents a day.

And did you realize that it only costs 70 cents a day to
feed Life's Abundance.....the exact same Premium
Cuisine that Tippy dines on every evening and that has
made her like a new dog with a beautiful, glossy coat and
loads of energy.

That's only 3 more cents a day than Purina, and 16
cents Less a day than Nutro or Science Diet!

See how your dog food stacks up with this easy
to read online comparison chart:

Why risk your pet's health with cheap ingredients that
only cause health problems and huge vet bills when you can
provide your precious furry friend with the

Ultimate in Canine Dining Pleasure!

And, why risk your hard earned dollars on products that
have been sitting around in whare houses for up to a year
when you can have the Life's abundance food delivered
right to your door....guaranteed within 4 weeks of manufacture.

Plus we are so absolutely positive you will see such an
amazing difference in your dog, that we give you a full
30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are
not satisfied (minus shipping and tax).

Doesn't your life's companion Deserve the best nutrition
you can provide them with?


Absolutely, I tell my little guy I love him. He's a mini
American Eskimo dog and has been bringing joy, happiness and
complete loyalty to "my" life for almost 12 years now!! I
have had my own dog most all my life....since I was 4 years
old and received my first dog, a black C. Spaniel named
Punky. I've always been pretty much of a shy introverted
person and seem to get along with animals better than most
humans I've met in my lifetime. I'm 58 years old now so
obviously I've had a  lot of human friends during these years,
and I've had many, many puppy-dog friends by my side over
the years. 

I can honestly say though, from years of experience, dogs are
truly the most honest, loyal and dedicated friend a human
can have. They have such undying and unconditional love in
their hearts and they only want to share it with their
"PERSON"!! My little guy has a fancy name (on
paper)....Dvorak's Rainier Beau....but to me he is just Beau
and I don't think I could get through the everyday stresses
of life without him....nor he, me!! I call him many little
pet names, but mostly he's always been my "little white
shadow".....where I go.....he goes....and visa versa. It's
very difficult to try to pull anything over on this little
guy....I SWEAR he reads my mind and knows what I'm gonna do
before I do!! 

Sometimes when he's busy eating or playing I will sneak away
from him and hide behind a door just to see what his
reaction will be. As much as he likes his food, he ALWAYS
stops eating as soon as I'm out of sight and goes running
through the house desperately searching for me. I crack up
every single time. He always manages to touch my heart with
the returned love he shows me every day.....there just
aren't words for the kind of love you see in their eyes when
they greet you....and you know that love will never matter what happens!! Dogs are a special,
special gift from God and I thank God every day for this
little guy who has become my best of best, friends!! After spelled backwards is.....GOD!! I am

Donna Dvorak


Of COURSE I tell my pets that I love them!! I have two
Belgian Malinois who are "rescues" and they certainly didn't
didn't get any "I love you's" before they came to live with
me. "Kayla", the female, was starved and 'hog-tied' by her
previous person, resulting in rope burns around all four

"Flip", the male, was also starved (he weighed a scant 60
pounds when he was taken from the man that abused him) and he
was beaten severely with a baseball bat. He had broken
teeth, a broken toe and numerous infected wounds covering his

Today both pups are healthy (Kayla weighs 70 pounds and Flip
is a whopping 120 pounds!) and extremely happy. They are
very much part of the family and are treated as such. I
can't change their pasts, but I am certainly making sure
that they know they are loved for the rest of their lives
and that includes saying "I love you" when I'm scratching
their ears or rubbing their tummies!!

Christy Martin
(Kayla and Flip too)


He tells us he wants more food, and only the good stuff. he
thinks we're dumb, when he's telling us off ( barking at us
) when he jump's on us, he's saying pick me up and carry me
around the house from window to window.

If he pick's up a toy, he's saying stop what your doing and
play with me. If you put your shoes on he jumps 3 feet in
the air, saying he wants to go where ever your going, not
just one jump but over and over again.

He tells us he run's this house and he can do what ever he
wants. but at night when he curls up with us, its all
love'ies and kiss'es and tells us how happy he is, and how
lucky we are to have picked him. It's true what they say
about min pin's ( spice up your life with a min pin ) and
this little guys is spice'ie

Barb Friday

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