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What you should know on Feeding your Tropical Fish
Taylor Jones

No matter what type of fish you have, whether it’s an anemone,
coral or crustacean…they will fall into one of three types of

Carnivores. These types of feeders eat other fish. They are all
either predators or scavengers. Predators like to hunt for their
food, so they may be uninterested in what you’re feeding them,
if they want to hunt instead. Once a predator has eaten, it may
not feel the urge to eat again for a few days. Scavengers are
more opportunistic, and usually prefer to eat the leftovers
left by predators.

Herbivores. These types of feeders eat many marine plants and
algae. To find their food, they spend their days moving around
and grazing, picking up food whenever they can find it.

Omnivores. These types of fish are a mixture of the two above.
They like to eat a combination of corals, crustaceans,
invertebrates and also plants and algae.

It’s important to remember that when you put food in your tank,
many of your fish will ignore it for a while first. Because they
aren’t “fed” when they are in the ocean, they just aren’t
accustomed to being served food. Some of your fish will
eventually learn that you are giving them food, but many others

Herbivores and omnivores tend to adapt to being tank-fed
quicker than other types of feeders. However, some breeds,
Angels comes to mind, are used to finding their food on the
ocean floor rather than free floating, so it will take a little
long for them to understand.

How often should you feed your fish?

It’s a good idea to stick to feeding your fish just once a day,
and to feed them no more than they can eat in one minute. To
some people this may seem like not enough, but if your fish
aren’t hurrying to eat up the food within a minute, they simply
aren’t hungry enough to need feeding.

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