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Symptoms of Feline

Inflammatory Bowel

Disease in Cats

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Written by: Alfred

IBD is a condition involving chronic diarrhea and
vomiting and is caused by an invasion of inflammatory
cells into the cat's intestinal wall. It can be caused
by multiple diseases.

Symptoms of Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease are as follows:

- Abdominal pain
- Belching
- Black, tarry stools
- Diarrhea
- Flatulence (from digested blood)
- Halitosis
- Increased thirst
- Normal/increased appetite
- Stomach rumbling
- Vomiting
- Weight loss

In severe cases the cat can become emaciated. Cats that
vomit a lot usually won't have any food evident in the
vomit; instead the vomit consists of mucus and bile. If
there is any digested food in the vomit this suggests that
the disease includes the stomach.

The most common IBD in cats includes the presence of
lymphocytes and plasma cells and is diagnosed as LPE or
Lymphocytic plasmacytic enteritis.

LPE can be caused by a trauma to the intestines or by an
infection. Sometimes this condition can be the result of a
secondary infection from different diseases. Because the
symptoms of LPE are similar to a lot of other diseases many
different tests are run to rule them out before LPE can be
diagnosed. The only definitive way to diagnose LPE is
through a biopsy of the intestines.

If your cat has IBD then your veterinarian will put your cat
on a special diet and strictly control your cat's diet. Your
cat will also be put on anti-inflammatory drugs like

There is no cure for IBD caused by LPE. But thankfully the
disease isn't usually life threatening and can be controlled
through aggressive therapy. Your cat can lead a relatively
normal life with medication and diet changes.

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