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The Symbolism of Double Fishes
Jakob Jelling

In feng shui and for oriental traditions, the fish is a very
symbolic creature which represents abundance and wealth. Having
fishes in the kitchen is a great way of helping abundance and
provisions to be always present in the house. Feng shui
practitioners recommend having fishes and double fishes in the
kitchen or the living room in order to make sure that those who
inhabit the house will always have what they need.

Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for
abundance, which might be a coincidence but is very symbolic as
well. It is very common to see objects representing fishes in
many Chinese houses, most of the times in the kitchen but
sometimes in the living rooms as well.

Fishes are abundant in the sea and provide us an unlimited source
of nourishment and supplies. It is a natural source of human
sustenance which can be found in abundant amounts. Therefore,
they are an abundant creature itself and its symbolism might be
highly due to this aspect of their nature.

Besides all what was mentioned above, a fish is also seen as a
symbol of fertility. Fishes have notable abilities for
reproduction which makes them an ideal icon for symbolizing
fertility. They are always together and travel as a team which
makes them also symbolize unity and marriage.

A fish is also a symbol of life renewal. This creature survives
all times and époques and is always there for other beings to
nurture from them. They are constantly renewing and giving birth
to next generations, and this is seen by the oriental cultures as
a great symbol of life preservation and regeneration. They show
strength and are seen as representing a power for restoration and
revival as well as rejuvenation and the power of continuation
through time.

Double fishes represent unity, marriage and abundance not only in
food provisions but also in children and family in general.
Having double fishes in the living room or the room in which the
family gathers to eat is a great way of assuring abundance in all
aspects and for all the family members.

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