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Fire Dragons,

Wyverns, Drakes

and Wyrms

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Dragons have been known throughout the centuries as beasts
that are magical in nature. Fire Dragons in particular are
known to be the most dangerous and the most magical of all
the elemental dragons.

How you can tell if the dragon you are facing is indeed a
Fire Dragon is relatively simple. The hues of a dragon's
scales will tell you if it is indeed a Fire Dragon, as all
Fire Dragons have reddish scales, regardless of pattern or
decoration. (They also all can breathe fire, but it is not
recommended that you find out if a Fire Dragon is a true
Fire Dragon by having it breathe fire at you.)

You will usually find Fire Dragons in remote regions near
where there is a volcano or hot spring. They like dark, warm
places and will usually mate in and about volcanoes when the
mating time is upon them.

Fire Dragons have fierce tempers and are not to be harassed
at all; in fact it is best to avoid them altogether. They
are usually hoarders, and you may find a cave full of gold
should you venture into their territories, but the risk of a
Quest for their gold outweighs the potential benefit, as
most who dare to try end up as charcoal once they get even
near to the lair of a Fire Dragon.

Please note that we aren't personally acquainted with every
type of dragon, but we tell you here what we have heard from
others who have spent some time studying these creatures...

Wyverns, Drakes and Wyrms of Fire follow this same pattern
of looks and behavior. If you happen to catch a Fire Dragon
it is best to either kill it or move it to a place where it
will not harm anyone. If you do catch a very young one in
some instances they can be tamed, especially if you happen
upon one that is intelligent.

Intelligent Fire Dragons have a vast store of knowledge of
the arts magic, and are magical themselves. You will find
that they are able to help with many tasks and challenges,
especially anything to do with fire. But never underestimate
them or do anything to threaten a Fire Dragon as they have a
quick temper and very little patience, even with their

In general, if you happen upon a Fire Dragon it's best to
run as fast as possible to the nearest stream or river and
swim away quickly, otherwise your chances of survival are
slim. Our best advice is to beware and stay far away from
Fire Dragons.

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