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Nutrition, Care

and Feeding for

French Bulldogs

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Covering French Bulldog's Health Issues
By: Tippy & Alfred

The French Bulldog breed has prevalent health issues with
eye and respiratory problems. But of course individual dogs
may have no problems at all in these areas. Because of the
shortened muzzle these dogs may have problems breathing,
especially if allowed to become overweight.

When a Frenchie become overweight it may have problems with
gas, snoring and wheezing. This is due to the swollen
abdomen caused by being overweight. Be sure to properly
portion good quality dog food so that the dog doesn't become
overweight. Never feed any dog table scraps.

It has been said that because of this dog breed's physique
they can't swim. So be careful around any water that is
deeper than the dog's head. Some French Bulldog owners have
reported that their dogs can swim, but caution is advised.

Female French Bulldogs may have to deliver by Caesarian
section due to the large heads of the puppies and the small
pelvis of the mother. Those that purchase a French Bulldog
should be aware of this if they intend to show and breed the
dog. Breeding the French Bulldog can be very expensive.

French Bulldogs and other small dogs (Small dogs are more
likely to be spoiled by their owners.) that are treated like
humans or as a toy can develop small dog syndrome. This
occurs when the dog believes that must be the leader of the
"pack" and tries to dominate and protect its humans and
other pets. All dogs need to know that they are dogs and
therefore human family members are the leaders.

With a meek or passive owner this dog can willful. They need
firm, calm, consistent, patient training in order not to
develop bad habits.

When a French Bulldog is displaying behavior that is
inappropriate, do not indulge the dog, give it treats, or
sweet talk it. You should correct the dog calmly and with
authority. Do not allow the dog to get away
with unwanted or bad behaviors.

French Bulldog

Nutrition for the French Bulldog Breed of Dog
By: the Good  Doctor, Jane Bicks

Although not a bulldog, the French Bulldog has
similar nutritional requirements.

The nose, ears and eyes must be cleaned daily with
eyebright solution.

Since allergies can be a problem, quercetin or 
bee pollen added to a quality protein and fat diet
will decrease the allergic response and help keep
the immune system strong.

Dr. Jane Suggests feeding this Dog Food
to your French Bulldog here

Bloat precautions are required.

How to Prevent Bloat in your French Bulldog

A vegetable enzyme added to the food will help with 
digestion while sending the necessary nutrients to the
skin and coat, another problem area.

Fresh garlic should be added to the food and brewer's 
yeast and garlic should be your treat of choice,
along with carrots and celery. Raw vegetables will
keep off the fat while cleaning the teeth.

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