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1. Pigs can make great pets for people with allergies because
they don't shed their hair, in fact they don't have much hair at
all. Pigs do need a lot of special care though, so do your
research before deciding to get a pet pig.

2. Some people think that pigs are dirty animals, but a wild pig
will never urinate or defecate anywhere near its home or feeding
spot. They often use a stream or river instead, so that predators
can't smell them out.

3. Scientists say that pigs are the forth smartest animals,
ranking only after humans, other primates, and dolphins and
whales, in that order. Pigs can be taught to do many tricks and
many have performed in circuses around the world.

4. Pigs are also used by some police departments to hunt for
drugs because they not only are smart but they have amazing
senses of smell.

5. Some pigs can play video games using a joystick, and they love

6. Pigs don't get fleas because their skin is so thick that fleas
can't bite through it. (Maybe also because they don't have much
hair for the fleas to hide in)

7. Pigs can't look up at the sky, their necks won't bend that

8. In captivity pigs have lived to be over twenty years old, and
have grown to weigh more than two tons!

9. Farmers use sprinklers to keep their pigs cool in the summer
because pigs can't sweat. That is why pigs like to wallow in the
mud, the mud helps to keep them cool and to protect their skin
from sunburn.

10. Pigs usually have from eight to twelve babies at once! The
largest litter of piglets ever recorded was thirty-seven!

11. The only continent that doesn't have native pigs is

12. A pig has four toes on each foot, and each toe has a hoof.
But the back two toes don't touch the ground when the pig is
standing up, so they actually stand on two hooves per foot.

13. A frightened pig can scream as loud as a jet plane taking
off! (113 decibels)

14. Full grown farm pigs can drink up to fourteen gallons of
water a day!

15. A newborn baby piglet will eat enough to double its weight in
just one week!

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