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President George

Bush Senior's Pets


Presidents Day - President George W Bush Senior's Pets
By: Tippy & Alfred

George H. W. Bush was the forty-first President of the
United States. He served four years as President with his
family First Lady Barbara Bush, his two sons George and Jeb
and their beloved pets Millie and later Spot, Ranger and
others. Millie was beloved of the President and First Lady,
while Spot, her puppy, went to live with George W. Bush Jr.
and family. All of Millie's puppies went to good homes.

Millie and her puppies are all Springer Spaniels. The
Springer Spaniel breed is noted for their affectionate
nature. They are intelligent and love to please their
humans. They are also easy-going and are great around kids,
and make great hunting dogs because they are alert and
attentive. They are noted for their speed as far as Spaniels
go, and they are very photogenic because of their long, wavy
hair and coloring.

Millie is the only First Pet to have written a book.
"Millie's book: as dictated to Barbara Bush" is a charming
dog's eye perspective of the goings-on at the White House.
It was published in 1992 by Harper Perennial Publishing, and
spent 23 weeks on Publishers Weekly's hardcover bestseller

Anyone who owns or has owned a Springer Spaniel or any other
type of dog will enjoy Millie's book. It has engaging
pictures of Millie and her pups as well as several candid
shots of the President and First Lady interacting with the

Millie is one of the more famous pets to have ever been in
the White House with her owners. She captured the hearts of
the American public not only because of her charm and good
looks but because of her loyalty and dedication to the
President and First Lady.

Millie earned the title of "First Pet" while in the White
House. Not only because she gave birth to a litter of pups
while in the White House but because of all the loving
moments that she gave her owners, giving them the
opportunity to, at least for a short while, be just people
owned by pets, like everyone else.

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